Alfa Laval Pure Bildge recommended size

what sort of tonnage is the alfa laval pure bilge system meant for? I’m working on an assignment for a class on this sort of equipment and i was hoping you guys could have an answer.

I’ve run all manner of alphalaval stuff but not sure what you’re referring to here, add a few particulars?

By “tonnage” do you mean what size ship is this the appropriate OWS for? OWS’ are almost always rated in terms of throughput, generally liters per hour or gal per hour.

To build on what @shipengr stated, the size of the ship really isn’t a factor. What is, is the size of the holding tank(s), how much in the way of slops is typically generated, and the OWS throughput to process what is generated.

yeah, I’m working on a presentation and the notes asked me for an “Explanation of equipment capacity and selection based on ship type, mode of propulsion, crew size, etc.”

also looking for its IMO equipment approval numbers.

you’d get some opinions here but for ‘‘by the book’’ stuff just go to the alpha lavel site or the other very few contenders and read the spec sheets!