AIS Tracking/

I like to watch and stay up on the shipping news, see what everyone else is up to, where everyone is headed. It’s kinda nice to see names you know and look at what ports they coming from and going to. There are a few ships in particular that I like to follow either because I know the ship, I know someone on the ship, or I just find that ship particularly interesting. One of the ships I find interesting and like to check in on is Crowley’s Legacy ATB. Her sister, the Legend, always seems to be going back and forth across the gulf but the Legacy does not seem to have moved from Sabine Pass, Texas for several months, according to “Marine Traffic” anyway. Does anyone know the reason for this? Is the Legacy laid up there or is it a glitch with her AIS or maybe a glitch with “Marine Traffic”?

If she is laid up, I would be very curious to know the reason. It seems hard to believe that a company like Crowley would spend tens of millions on a boat like that and then not use it. I was just hoping someone with inside knowledge could provide some insight.

The liberty sat in Seattle for months as well not sure where she ended up.

I used Marinetraffic on the job to track ships I was scheduled to visit, you could literally watch the box boat make the turn past the Naval Base and head to the terminal and that function is very handy. The terminals use it, too, apparently. Good adjunct to the agent.

Sometimes there are glitches though. The land based receiver may be off or OOC. and occasionally the ship does not update the itinerary which can be maddening.

AIS information is very important system as it supplements marine radar, which is very helpful for saving
several collision of water transport. It is very interesting but careful job of viewing the all water transport.

They are many shipping service of transporting goods by means of high-capacity, ocean-going ships that transit regular routes on fixed schedules.