9/11 - Mariners Come Together to Evacuate Lower Manhattan

You might want to give pause Tuesday and reflect on the events of 11 years ago. How a great nation was blindsided, staggered and came together. How mariners bravely diverted their heading and piloted their vessels through the gates of Hell - not knowing whether renewed attacks were coming - to assist survivors of that day.

The untold story of many unsung heroes and the near miracle evacuation of lower Manhattan using hundreds of boats, commercial and private. 500,000 people evacuated by boat [B]in 9-HOURS[/B].

By comparison, the Dunkirk evacuation was 339,000 over the course of [B]9-DAYS[/B] (of course Dunkirk was a greater distance with generally slower boats and more difficult boarding situation).

Narrated by Tom Hanks - Well worth 12-minutes of your time.