71-year-old Frenchman attempts to float across the Atlantic Ocean in capsule


These types of of attempts are pretty frustrating for the view point of a taxpayer. If he is successful, what was really gained, and if he is not then he leads to an extremely expensive rescue that is footed by taxpayers and not the guy in the boat.

It has happened a few times with another French guy (why French both times?) in a wild looking ocean going kayak. He’s left the east coast of the US and then needs rescue a few days later.



I asked a question:

And got an answer:

If that is an insult, or trolling, then somebody here got too thin skin.

I don’t see much inhibition among Americans on this forum when it comes to characterising foreigners, including fellow seafarers, in negative ways. Or calling other countries “sh*thole” etc.
You want to dish it out you also have to expect something in return.

I invite you to fact check my statements on serious matter and accept my apology if I should be wrong. (OK, so sometime I do a bit of baiting, or use sarcasm to provoke a reply)



How is that anti-American?

Just 1 month ago Colin O’Brady was lauded in American media as the first person to traverse Antarctica.

What do you think about that? Was it lunacy?



Sure, but I don’t see it anywhere near as much as your remarks. If somebody comes off as dumb with their uneducated opinions about other countries, well, that’s them; not to excuse it but quite clearly they don’t know any better, however, supposedly- YOU do. So why not just be the better, bigger person?

It just is, not by itself, but read enough of these stupid remarks and even I’ve had enough as a fellow Northern European. Damn man, I love you Norwegians, almost a little bit more than I love my other Northern euro brethren, but you two come off as two commie cunts who are full of themselves.

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How long have you been on this forum? Do you know how much shit that has had been written about other nationalities by members on this forum?

And commie cunt? I know I have crossed the line before, but a commie I’m not.



Just telling you how it comes off. Doesn’t help the cause. As for the rest, see what I wrote. Sure there is plenty of dumb comments, this is a large country, plenty of dumb people to where I wonder how they’ve even made it so far. But why fight dumb with dumber?



We all know that is not the reason you got the suspension.

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Did they? Doesn’t matter, most people haven’t heard a thing about it here, I guarantee. Most people are probably wondering how he escaped all those polar bears. Either way a moot point. This frog eating old fart is obviously either slightly out of his mind or simply clueless about the ocean. This is the dumbest god damn thing I’ve seen in a while, and this comes from a fan of William Willis (that should be saying a lot)

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He’s done four transatlantic crossings in sailboats, so he ought to have some idea.

Remember this is a guy who used to jump out of perfectly good airplanes for a living.



I read that and that’s what stumps me.
I don’t know, being a paratrooper (or whatever he was) is more of a calculated risk to me than this lunacy.



He said his work had given him an appetite for adventure and risk…

Seems to me he’d be better off in a nice sailboat with a dumb barrel containing a GPS tracker that he put over the side two weeks ago…



Probably a bit late to mention, but anyone using the earth.nullschool.net position links I posted above should be aware that I foolishly transposed lat and long in the marked position – thanks to looking at the wrong set of islands and trying to make the data fit.



Enough of this negative attitude about Americans knowledge of the world. You may be taken as an anti-American commie lover.

And while we are at it; “frog eating old fart” may be taken as character assassination.
Surely you don’t intend to insult an entire nation and all people who are older than you?



At 30 degrees N latitude, that’s traditionally used as the limits of the trades. Given the sail area of that barrel if he’s not in the trades the winds could blow him any which way.

Don’t know what his drift rate in the wind would be, I use 1 kts through the the water for every 10 kts of wind speed.

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as would be picked herring eating old fart

no, just the guilty

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while we are at it in order to get back to bashing our frog eating old fart, here is the latest report showing his and barrel and its stink continuing to accelerate in its drift to the NW

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Ahh Cod tongue!!! We had some delicious Cod tongues a couple of days ago. Made the Singapore way, with STROONG chilli sauce made with home grown Habanero chillies from last summer.
Pity, no Durian for desert though.



At least I spread the hate equally and then fuck off back to the sea, on something that can propel itself.



Have good trip and hope for good weather.



Here is his daily ‚Log Book’; with all he wants publicly known >>>


Written in French, but always followed by an English translation.