71-year-old Frenchman attempts to float across the Atlantic Ocean in capsule


just another update on Wrongway’s wayward voyage


He must be livid. He was reported as “pissed off” at the time when you posted the last one.


I just passed that thing the other day. Looked like it had literally 1 container on deck.


you know he has no deck on that thing on which to stand so he can jump up and down cursing the god’s shaking his fists at them! instead he is trapped inside the bubble where no one can hear his screams


Unless it sinks earlier I predict his little coffin will wash ashore on the British Isles or Norway in a few months.


The guy can’t even air it out after shitting. Anyway must be fun in the swells that the area he’s currently in tends to get


His website says it has “deux aerateurs” so maybe he can create a gentle breeze from one of his petit hublots.


Headed out of the channel and then southwest in a few days so I look forward to possibly ending this a little earlier than anticipated. Though at the current pace it may have to wait till next voyage


something is amiss with this picture

for a time Wrongway was headed the right way then suddenly he’s going due east? under tow already?


If he’s being towed he’s going awful slow, maybe the tug’s drifting too.


The barrel skipper JJ hurt his hand with an open wound approx 48 hours ago, when the top hatch closed on it in the wind. He complains of being sore still.


That happened days, maybe a week ago – unless he’s done it again.


12 January position on current map: https://earth.nullschool.net/?#current/ocean/surface/currents/overlay=currents/orthographic=-25.30,21.31,1679/loc=-28.916,22.489

Same thing on wind map: https://earth.nullschool.net/?#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=-25.30,21.31,1679/loc=-28.916,22.489

This gets his daily positions: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?&mid=1UiW0t61m2NF2aHiWQ8Q3S3TvQhdhfRoW&ll=28.940289075099084%2C-21.568727421874996&z=8


If he was an American adventurist would he be Mr. Rightway??


of course…if he was an American he’d be an adventurous hero!

I wish it was you out there drifting into oblivion in that barrel screaming at the gods and smelling your own stink


uh oh…Wrongway is headed to the arctic once again

this is getting painful to watch


This is about as interesting as watching paint dry. I’m only interested in hearing about his eventual rescue.


This anti-American crap is getting fucking old. Reminds me of soviet rhetoric and it was truly laughable.


He’s just non-stop with it.


it is obvious that he simply does not care how many of us here he pisses off nor what our opinions are of him…he is hell bent to diss us Americans every time he can and without the slightest ounce of merit. Frankly, I believe he personally gets great pleasure when we are angered which is the purest definition of an internet TROLL!

the greatest trouble here is that nobody in charge of this forum seem to take any notice of the bitter rancor he creates here…I get put on suspension for six months for a photo but he gets not even a handslap