500 tons and international towing endorsement

So I applied for 11/3 master less than 500 international then tried OICNW less than 500 and you can’t get any international endorsement if you only hold a towing endorsement. And they no longer offer and international towing endorsement

Isn’t master of tow to master 500 still a gimme upgrade?

Not really a “gimme.” You need one year of service while holding mate or master of towing vessels (For near coastal or oceans, Great Lakes & Inland is 6 months), and there is an exam. See 46 CFR 11.418(b) and 46 CFR 11.446(b).

Yes, but isn’t it an easy gimme exam like the one for the 1600 ton master crossover from 2M?

See the last table on page 15. Not sure everyone would consider navigation problems and stability modules to be gimmes.

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