1950 Super Storm Remembered

The November 1950 storm caused widespread flooding and wind damage along the East Coast while inland areas were coping with heavy snowfalls and very low temperatures. The storm caused havoc along the East Coast as the high winds coincided with the high tide creating widespread flooding along the New Jersey, Long Island and New England Coasts. Wind gusts were clocked at 94 mph in New York City, 108 mph at Newark Airport, 110 mph at Concord, NH and 160 mph at the top of Mt. Washington, NH!

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That sounds like the 1993 “Hurricane Without A Name”. Very high winds hit the North Carolina coast, pushing 100MPH. Then the system collided with a cold front and interior NC saw rain turn to heavy snow in a matter of minutes. In my area, a lot of folks had gone to the mountains to “see snow” because we hadn’t had a good snow in a while. Hundreds were trapped in the mountains. Some of them broke into a school house seeking shelter and find some food. Totally not “Semper Paratus”.

Yes, indeed… 1993 Superstorm Remembered