180 days of bridge watchkeeping duties

I’m looking at my career paths forward and I am deciding to want to try for an unlimited mates license down the line.

One thing of note in the checklist though

180 days of bridge watchkeeping duties under the supervision of the master or a qualified officer.

What exactly does that mean?
How would I obtain that?
Does all time need to be on 1600 GRT or higher for the watchkeeping duty?

Further does sitting in the wheelhouse during my time off strictly to train (not being compensated) count as seatime if recorded?

Thanks for reading!

Basically, it just means being on watch.

As always, the seatime letter needs to get written with the right magic words. All the seatime has to be over 100 GRT. I think half of it has to be over 1600 GRT for an unlimited license. Not hard to get.

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If your watches are spent on the bridge as lookout then you’re already doing that. Usually companies will add the correct wording to your sea time letter regardless of what you actually do on watch.