What's app about weather?


What phone app are you using? Pros and cons?

I’ve been using “NOAA Weather Unofficial” 15 which is good.

I like that is straight NWS data. Has a graph showing the temp, wind and % chance of precipitation over time. The radar is weak, maybe because of the cheap Android phone I use.


The search function is your friend. This thread ran a couple months ago. Almost the same title too


www.windy.com (formerly windyty then windytv) very flashy app too for both droids and crapples.

It’s no 500MB chart but will give you a very good estimate of movement and meteorological info.


I’ve been using Weather Underground. Though if I want more detail or something that I can’t find easily on there, I either use the NOAA website on my phone or I google search around until I’m satisfied.