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This is rapidly becoming sickening

Retired Lieutenant General: While Trump Golfs, San Juan’s Mayor Is ‘Living On A Cot

By Sebastian Murdock

The retired lieutenant general who led the effort to bring aid to Louisiana after it was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina didn’t mince words when talking about the president’s response to the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico.

On Saturday morning, President Donald Trump unleashed a series of tweets taking aim at San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz. In them, he accused Democrats of having convinced Cruz to be “nasty” to him, called Cruz’s leadership “poor” and said that other leaders in Puerto Rico “want everything to be done for them.” The tweets were sent from his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey.

In an interview with CNN later in the day, retired Lt. General Russel L. Honoré tore down Trump’s remarks:

“The mayor’s living on a cot, and I hope the president has a good day at golf,” he told CNN.

Honoré said the crisis in Puerto Rico is even larger than what he faced during Katrina.

“Is Puerto Rico worse than what you found here in Katrina?” CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller asked Honoré on Friday.

“Oh, hell yeah,” Honore said. “The number one priority is saving lives and when you’re saving lives, you’ve gotta figure out what rules you’re gonna break. All the rules we live by are designed for peacetime.”

“And this is what?” Miller asked.

“This is like a war,” he said.

Army Lt. Gen. Jeff Buchanan arrived on the island Thursday after being appointed by the Pentagon to lead the relief effort there. So far, approximately 4,400 troops are on the island, he told CNBC Friday. He added that more are arriving to help, but it’s still not enough.

“Our capacity is growing but that doesn’t mean that we’re getting all the right help to the people who need it,” Buchanan said.

“For me, Harvey was monumental in Texas because of the amount of flood damage,” Buchanan added. “But the impact here is completely different. It’s like an atomic bomb went off. With all of the wind impact knocking down trees, electrical lines ― it’s just a very different disaster.”

Honoré said the military response to the 3.5 million people without power and supplies should have happened much sooner.

Not giving the mission to the military” was the first mistake, Honoré said in his interview with CBS. “Look, we got Army units that go do port openings. Not called. We got special forces that could’ve been in every town. Not employed.”

In another interview with CNN, Honoré tied Trump’s response to a overall lack of compassion to marginalized people.

“And the president has shown again, you don’t give a damn about poor people,” Honoré told CNN. “You don’t give a damn about people of color and the SOB that rides around in Air Force One is denying services needed by the people of Puerto Rico.”

The president’s slow response to the humanitarian crisis has been widely criticized in recent days. On Saturday morning, “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda slammed Trump for attacking the San Juan mayor from his personal golf course while people in Puerto Rico suffer.

“[Mayor Cruz] has been working 24/7. You have been GOLFING,” Miranda wrote in a tweet. “You’re going straight to hell.”



The mayor supposedly hasn’t even been showing up to meetings. I guess she would rather spew the talking points the DNC sent down from DC or grandstand in front of pallets of food and water. But yeah fuck Trump right?

Sorry your socialist lost.


Socia - list


combining form of Latin socius a fellow, companion, comrade; see -o-


Hmmm…maybe…or maybe it’s this:

In case you don’t want to read the whole thing, the Puerto Rican born author sums it up at the end by saying:

“I have a message for the U.S. Congress: Watch out what relief funds you approve and let our local government handle. Don’t let the Puerto Rican government play the victim and fool you. They have no clue what they are doing, and I worry that they will mishandle anything that comes their way.”

Perhaps “the cheeto” knows better than to give a blank check to those who have proven proficiency in the art of wasting and stealing money.

Now, having said that, could/should more be done and or could/should things have been done differently? Sure, that’s a valid conversation to have…but to just immediately throw down the race card needs to be called out for the BS it is.


Honore has been bitching about the government’s response to the storms that hit Texas and Florida comparing it to his wonderful performance during Katrina and now he’s bitching about the response to Puerto Rico. Hilarious BS if it wasn’t so sad.
The mayor of San Juan is a lying socialist stooge who has ignored FEMA’s attempt at including her in their meetings. She is grandstanding for political gains. She is part of the problem of incompetence and corruption that has driven Puerto Rico into bankruptcy and turned it into a welfare state that was begging to suck the US tit well before the current situation.


That may be the case but the point today is that hundreds of thousands of people are suffering under a tremendous burden and we have the resources to provide critically needed assistance.

Let’s fix the humanitarian crisis then we can argue about our obligation to continue to fund a bankrupt and corrupted colony.

If the Cheeto were not a fake president he would deal with the problems, not his personal opinion of those who are suffering. He doesn’t mind sending our children and our treasure to assist Afghans and Syrians and other residents of Bumfukistan countries in “solving” their crises but for some reason he chooses to ignore Americans. Whether they should be Americans is another issue and not relevant today.


One might question his own involvement in the current economic condition. American politicians and drug industry lobbyists created a fertile environment for the 3rd worlders of PR government to grow fat at the trough.


I saw the post on LinkedIn when I was rooting around a couple days ago (maybe a week ago now?)


It is not at all my intention to belittle the suffering of the people in Puerto Rico or the daunting task they are facing. My comment referred to the fact that the county was in dire straits before the hurricane’s devastation and I’m perturbed because the political elephant in the room is that the island’s downward spiral to bankruptcy did not happen overnight and our fearless leaders failed us again. Just another gift from Congress to themselves and their cronies.
For years they’ve been profiting by raping the island’s economy through tax loopholes and now, not surprisingly, the US taxpayers are going to be on the hook for it.
Corruption in the country no doubt prevented the islanders from protecting their own business interests.
The result is that Puerto Rico’s state of affairs just prior to the disaster was akin to that of a one legged man in a ditch with a ball and chain clamped to the one ankle he has left. That debacle now only adds to the magnitude of their current predicament. Think of the repercussions that were coming home to roost storm or no storm.
I am not going to post platitudes such as I am praying for them, that’s not what they need. You may believe that president Trump is letting the Puerto Ricans suffer on purpose because he thinks they are somehow not worth but it is too much of a stretch for me to believe that he could be that calloused no matter how much I dislike the crass self aggrandizing aspect of his persona. BTW, in case you forgot, the rape happened during the last president’s watch.
The Afghanistan and Syrian issues are a horse of a different color.


Same horses with same assholes in the saddles.

I didn’t blame the Cheeto for PR’s current condition, I blame every American politician who touched the place or got paid by a lobbyist to allow the conditions that lead to the bankruptcy. I blame the Cheeto for not taking the high ground to use the resources we have to reduce the misery caused by the storm. I blame the Cheeto for being so ignorant as to go along with the McCain anti Jones Act crowd and use this disaster to cut more Americans off at the knees in exchange for campaign contributions.

Calloused? I think he is so far into his own greed and twisted view of society that callousness would indicate some sense of right or wrong. I think he is incapable of empathy for any other human being in any circumstance. I truly believe the man is a sociopath. His actions lately have provided ample evidence of this.

He has until he is impeached or resigns to propose legislation that cuts PR adrift in its own leaking boat. I would vote for that. We shouldn’t be a colonial power and we should not keep a “territory” just to provide tax breaks for campaign contributors.


You mean the 12,000 + plus military troops and the stacks of containers with emergency supplies?!?


Never mind …


If only Killary had gotten elected she already had all that experience saving an island nation after a devastating natural disaster. She could’ve swooped in and saved the day like her foundation did in Haiti.


I’m sure the Clinton Foundation is just dyin’ to get in there and save Puerto Rico like they saved Haiti. So much dinero to be diverted to private accounts and so little time.



" 'Fake News CNN and NBC are going out of their way to disparage our great First Responders as a way to ‘get Trump,’" he tweeted in one."

Fake news? Fake president.


Basing your point of view on drivel from the Washington Post and the Clinton News Network…Seriously?
Maybe it’s best if we simply agree to disagree.


He is a self identifying socialist, just keep that in mind.


Is that good or bad?? Maybe you should try some of it.


Definitely. We should strive to emulate Venezuela.