Puerto Rico - After The Hurricane News


I’m away from home and don’t have access to my ham radio gear but the impression I was given was the first wave of relief supplies has been there. The power lines are down, blocking the urban areas. I’ve been hearing for many years about the corruption in the power system. The hi-ways are having problems with land-slides. Clearing the roads is the big problem. Chevron-Phillips has a refinery in Las Mareas for fuel production.


Depending on which worn out rattle trap boats they use they might be in need of a tow themselves just to get there. The Mac towing fleet has been greatly neglected (more than usual) the last 3-4 Year’s.


Mac sisters , Patrice , yeah I heard the Amy came to Norfolk from ny for hide out and get some so called work done then she left the other day


Why is McAllister advertising for captains and mates for this job?

Does McAllister have Harbor tugs in PR?


Where did you see that , prolly looking for some people with oceans licnese , stcw and all the other stuff


I’m not sure where the jobs were posted. But they were posted. I got contacts from guys asking me what Mac is like to work for. I don’t know anything about Mac. And I got a couple emails giving me a heads up about it. I heard something like $500 for captains and $400 for Mate.

The oceans license makes sense. Stcw not required for a tug under 200 GRT.


It’s a fiction that STCW is not required on vessels less then 200 GRT. It is required if the voyage is to another country, or transits the waters of another country. There is a provision for a one-time temporary STCW credential, see 46 CFR 15.1101(b).


The Amy is going on the feeder run the sisters had been on, Baltimore to Philly.

Last I heard the sisters, Justine, Patrice, and possibly more were going.


Yes. I should have said STCW not required for Jones Act trade tugs under 200 GRT, not in another STCW countriy’s waters.

As far as I understand it, the MOU with Canada makes STCW unnecessary for US tugs transiting Canadian waters or going to Canadian ports. Canada seems focused on criminal convictions and licensed engineers.


Damn that’s a low ball wage


The MOU with Canada provides that if a mariner’s credentials are valid for service in their country, they will be valid for the same service in the other country.


Back in the world and really disgusted with the Cheeto and McCain.

Hire the damn mudboats, load them up with whatever they can carry to the smaller ports where trucks and big ships can’t go. Keep them there to shuttle cargoes until the roads are clear again. Let them shuttle from Gitmo if they need more dock space for RRF RoRo’s.

Keep American mariners working, keep the money that the Cheeto is willing to give away (for no real purpose) in American hands. Pay for it with a tax increase on his fat buddies.


I thought that run was shut down?


USNS COMFORT is underway to PR. She will anchor off the coast (I don’t know where yet) and transport people with helicopters and small boats. Unknown how long she will be there. Four weeks minimum.

This was also an opportunity for MSC to empty the pools of excess third mates and third engineers. For example they got underway with twenty third AE and at least nine third mates. They are living in mass berthing with open head/showers.

That’s going to cost an awful lot. COMFORT is in the highest base pay and OT rate plus paying those thirds berthing and head/shower pay. It was cheaper to keep them in a hotel. I’m guessing this is one of those budget unlimited missions.

  1. This is what the Comfort is for.
  2. No hotels left in Puerto Rico?

  1. Agreed. She should have been underway to PR a week ago.

2.a. I understand there’s no pottable or electricity in PR.

2.b. The powers that be shouldn’t have put a gaggle of unneeded CIVMAR officers on to that ship. By moving them out of the Norfolk hotel (saving $88/day hotel and $38/day on S&Q) they have to pay them a very high base pay, overtime (if any) and berthing compensation. It wasn’t cost-beneficial to the tax payer.

I hope there’s something productive for that many engineers to do or they’ll be the best paid wipers on the planet.


I hope there’s something productive for that many engineers to do or they’ll be the best paid wipers on the planet.

Some of the vessels I’ve seen come out of the RRF will take that many engineers to keep 'em going.


I don’t have any doubt that there’s plenty that needs to be done; whether there’s enough organization to make proper use of them is another question.


Philly bound as of about three hours ago, photo from Instagram.


Saw pictures of ECO boats, loaded, going to Puerto Rico and other hard hit islands, Jack Edwards pulled into BVI with 3 million meals and a deck load of cargo. Seven vessels were sent