Puerto Rico - After The Hurricane News


C’mon, get off the fence and tell us how you really feel.

BTW, I agree 100% about the ‘leadership’ and the clown circus.


Just talked to an old shipmate that’s waiting to unload in San Juan. Been there a couple of days . Says vessels have been at anchor all over PR waiting for ground logistics
A few have posted about the lack of the RRF. I remember DESERT STORM very well. I made a shit-load of overtime towing RRF ships back into port after being deployed and breaking down. The upkeep of the fleet has not improved during the last 8 years.


After saying last night that he wouldn’t waive the Jones Act for PR, I just heard this am that Trump’s waived it (ten days). https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/28/us/jones-act-waived.html


Just saw this on the local morning news.


I still say that this is the perfect opportunity to test the readiness of that fleet but the gummint doesn’t want to spend that MONEY! They are being painfully cheap and leaving the residents in Puerto Rico to twist in the wind!

What is needed right now today is to get all the combat engineers and transport teams at Forts Benning and Bragg mobilized and loaded into RRF ro/ros then get them down to PR asap to clear roads and deliver aid! Taxpayers pay dearly for these assets so they should be used now that they are needed!


Jones Act waived for PR and military stepping in to aid:


Supply vessels laid up in the Gulf. Can they be used?


my good friend Steamer wanted me to raise this question since he was unable to himself however after thinking about it I came to realize that the contractural issues to charter OSVs would not be easy to overcome vis a tightwad government wanting the cheapest possible option and greedy GoM owners not being ready to take a penny less than top dollar. On top of that there is the economy of scale with OSVs carrying cargo to the island. Even with the OSV sized crew it is still way more man/days per container moved. Far cheaper to go with RRF ships or even cheaper to use a few LMSRs which can really move some serious tonnage!


I spent a lot of time all over PR in the '80s and '90s. The power grid is archaic. The cities are old and the streets are narrow. The hi-way system was getting some improvements. The port system was congested under normal times. Crowley’s roro barges and Trailer Bridge’s roros and container barges are the most efficient. The relief supplies are there. Getting them distributed is the problem.




I see on TV all the trailers / containers backed up at the port, is that “relief supplies” or is that just the normal commercial cargo? If it’s normal commercial cargo than likely the reason the drivers are not showing up to move it is because the entire commercial supply chain after the port is not functioning.


Heard Crowley charted out some McAllister boats and container barges to bring supplies to pr, wonder how many stops the will make and lay for weather , unlike the invader tugs that leave the dock and just go


Crowley is transporting 100 fuel distribution trucks with 275,000 gallons of diesel fuel and 75,000 gallons of gasoline to support relief efforts in Puerto Rico.



They are donating this fuel?


I have no idea about that. Good question. I would think just shipping it. The photo description states transporting.


Someone is handing them a little brown envelope


Crowley doesn’t even give out pens at Christmas


I think the USS Arlington (LPD-24) might be doing the escort for the Comfort? I am not 100% sure. Does anybody know?



I don’t think escort is the right word, more like bringing the martial law the island probably needs in the short term.

Being a transport for the mean green killing machine and all.


Your right take a look at the 2:00 min mark