Puerto Rico - After The Hurricane News


Sorry, I’d prefer to try one of the Scandinavian models instead.


You could find better examples. Social Democracy has worked well in Scandinavia and most of Northwest Europe, among other places.

Do you know of any places where Capitalism has failed lately??


Scandinavian countries are small in territory and until recently had homogenous populations unlike the US. I thought we’d been through this already.


We have. End here.


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Hasn’t failed but it seems to be failing or heading that way here. Just my opinion.


If socialism means having a healthy, well educated, economically secure society of citizens enjoying the fruits of their labor then I am proud to be labeled a socialist.


The USA isn’t “capitalist”, I don’t think any country in the world currently is.


China may be nearest to a true “Capitalist” country today.


I’m not sure how you figure that with the amount of subsidies they dole out.


Do they??? If so, any more than other nominally “Capitalist” countries??


I don’t know about big picture, but the subsidize shipping far more than the US. But again, there are no true capitalist countries to compare them to anyway.


China do have a large fleet in international trade, some of which belong to partly Government owned companies.

Are they any more subsidized than US ships in international trade?? I don’t know. Maybe we should ask APL, Maersk, Hapag-Lloyd, Wilhelmsen and the other foreign companies that run ships under US flag.
They should know, unless they operate with a loss out of their good hearth??

Hong Kong may be the nearest, but they are part of China.


FEMA Contracts Foss Maritime Vessels to Help Puerto Rico Relief and Rebuilding Efforts



so all these ECO vessels supposedly going to PR are still in Fourchon


if Massa Gary really cared for the people of PR he’d sent these vessels regardless of having a contract with FEMA but he ONLY CARES ABOUT THE MONEY!


OCEAN CONSTRUCTOR is not a Foss vessel but actually owned by Ocean Services of Seattle and I wonder if the other two vessels mentioned in the article are also owned by Ocean Services? Of course, OC is foreign flagged. Whether it has any American mariners in its crew is unknown.

Regardless, score a coup for Ocean Services for teaming with Foss to get this work. I am sure they are being well paid.


Good catch




I saw that thing at Fourchon Heavylift month or so ago.