Physical old history of ADD


I read an interesting study that well over 90% of professional mariners (and in other difficult and high risk jobs like firefighter, military, logging, etc) are ADD but only a small percentage of them are properly diagnosed as such and a smaller percentage are “properly medicated” (the study’s words, not mine). If we weren’t ADD then you (and I) would not have a problem sitting at a desk all day making money the easy/safe way.

So if the coast guard started pulling the MMD’s of people who are diagnosed ADD (and, yes, it is something they have considered doing!) then they would only succeed in removing the small percentage of mariners who have enough self awareness to seek help.

P.S. I’m not advocating medication or listening to professional psychiatric advice but I do think diagnosis and self-awreness leads to better understanding of our personal limitations and makes us better watch-standers.

P.S.2. If the coast guard does start pulling MMD’s of mariners with ADD they should also prepare for a barrage of highly-critical and well researched gCaptain editorials on the subject.


Hey I just wanted to thank everyone for their responses. I was looking at form 719k because I read somewhere that you need that form for stcw. Am I wrong? Can 719ke still satisfy stcw for basic training?


I have had experience checking the “I have/Previously had” boxes on the CG physical forms. For any “yes” checks I just list the number in the section at the end asking for comments/justification and make the appropriate comments. When I have the actual physical exam, the Doctor reviews my comments, adds their own if necessary, and writes something to the effect of “No impact on job/no restriction.” With this method I’ve never had to be dis-honest and I’ve never waited for an application due to pending medical review. My last Medical Cert application to the NMC had maybe a 1-week turnaround from receipt to in the mail.