Norway is really awesome


The nature in Norway is truly awesome, especially if you take the time to only film on sunny days:

It is 50 min. of pure Norwegian propaganda. (But true)
Made by an Austrian film team.


It is that time of the year when Geiranger wake up from months of quiet to a “mini-metropolis”, with traffic chaos and all the illes that follows with it.
But Geiranger has more to offer than most thinks, at least according to this article in


I have survived my first complete winter in Norway since 1968-69. The cold is not a major problem here on the North West Coast, but the darkness is a major item to accept.

But now summer is here, with long days and no real nights.
Here is a picture captured from Aalesund Port webcam at midnight a couple of days ago:

Same picture taken right now (1840 hrs.):

The Cruise ship Zenith is preparing to depart:

Tug Boa Odin on rescue/salvage station for the Coastal Authorities.


Equinor (ex Statoil) is generous with their employees world wide:


For those who have been everywhere, seen everything and stayed in the best hotels, here is a place that you probably missed:

A little extra entertainment MAY be offered from time to time:


US Marines to be stationed in Norway for longer and further north than before: