Norway is really awesome


It’s not easy to be “best in class” at all times when you have envious people breathing down you neck all the time:

Especially when your worst critics are your own people.


Norway is “Best in Class” for democracy as well:

Where is USA?? In 21st place, which is among the Flawed Democracies with an index of 7.99.
That is on par with Italy, but behind South Korea, Chile and Spain.


The Aasta Hansteen platform has been officially named for a women’s right fighter on Women’s Day:

20 persons will be enough to keep this monster in operation when in ordinary production.


What is the “secrete” behind the Norwegian success in the Winter Olympic??
Here is an article in the British The Guardian with their opinion on the matter:

Now the Paralympics have started :

We’ll see who tops the medal tally at the end of it, but with the US having the biggest contingent by far and competing in all disciplines, they should stand a good chance of winning.


This is what is not so awesome with Norway:

There are many cases like this. Asylum seekers are kept in limbo for years, or something pops up that change their situation after having lived in Norway for years. Sometime children who have been born here are deported with their families because of some obscure reason.
In this case the family will be sent back to Afghanistan because the authorities don’t believe that they are unable to contact the father in Afghanistan, thus have a male guardian there:

Some cases gets media coverage locally, but few internationally, which helps.
In this and many other case the local community supports the refugees, but even that does not always help to reverse the decision.

One of the problems are that the Minister in charge is from the far-right Progressive Party and they want Norway to be the toughest on immigration in all of Europe.

Norway actually need migrants, but are afraid of people of other races and religions.
Sounds familiar??


I can’t speak for Norway but will address your obvious reference to the US… Do we really need immigrants? Yes, without immigration our population will fall. But is that a bad thing in the age of automation? It seems that the government’s goal to identify and kill as many decent paying jobs as possible via a combination of offshoring and automation so maybe fewer people to be unemployed isn’t a bad thing? Please save the reference to the currently low unemployment number as we all know this isn’t a true measure of those who are in the sideline.

As far as your obviously trolling statement about the US being afraid of people of other colors and religions, please refer to the original post in the other thread to refute your canned, globalist, left wing rhetoric.

To quote a female official from your linked article:

‘As for any backlash against the country’s new policy, she responded, “I don’t give a damn, and that’s because this is the right thing to do.”’

Imagine that…#makeNorwaygreatagain


Making money at an oil price of USD 10/bbl.??
TROLL phase III is slated to do so:

Johan Sverdrup, the new giant field on the Norwegian OCS under development is not far behind: