Name your new boat -


“Never Again IX”


Here is the real thing out for a spin:

There are more than one:


Good one.


There is a boat in the marina where I keep mine called ‘Prep H’.


A Friggin’ Queen



Half A Octopus


The Kracken!


so thats how they plan to catch fairings…


Recently I had bought a new boat, and I had named it FREEDOM.


Most boats could be more aptly named “SLAVE-TO-THE-BOAT.”


They actually built that thing. Imagine your job on watch being to keep the saloon level! It was not a success as it kept running into things.


It was hydraulically controlled and could be locked. Yes, they actually built one.


Teach me to read all the comments before responding… :wink:


Just stumbled upon this article regarding the oddly designed boat from way back in this thread. What happens if the fairing misses the net and lands on the wheelhouse?


I think today’s attempt was the first try with the Mr. Steven.