Knocking on Doors in Louisiana


Many would say this is a step in the right direction for everyone involved in the oil and gas industry. Last few years have definitely fallen behind, but many are much more optimistic in the future years. Wishing everyone the very best in 2018!
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It’s good news, and certainly a long overdue step in the right direction, but nothing to get too excited about.


there is no ‘work on the board’ as third mate!


State ferries are dying for mates. There are jobs out there until the right one comes along.


which state Ferries? Do they pay enough for you to move and pay for 2 households?
My comment was strictly in regards to jobs ‘on the boards’ with the officers unions for 3rd mates. I’ve been checking with AMO, MMP, MEBA since November 2016 and have not had any jobs come up for 3rd mates. If you can find your own first job, then AMO (might) have work for you, but you can’t tell until after you’ve been on a ship for them. I thought the idea of joining was so THEY would find a ship for you! Times are tough offshore. Worst I’ve ever seen it in over 40 years of sailing.


WA and AK that I know of and “no” to your second question.


thanks for the info. I live in TX, so sounds like an impossibility. Can’t manage that kind of commute.


Txdot runs small ferries at the Lynchburg crossing in the ship channel and larger ones at Galveston/Bolivar. Kirby runs a couple of hundred boats have their own training facilities in Channelview.


thanks, I don’t have a towing endorsement. I got lucky and got a call yesterday. Heading offshore for a 2-3 week temp job tonight.


HOS is recruiting qualified U.S. BASED MARINERS in all positions for 28/14 AND 28/28 rotations!
Applicants MUST hold valid U.S. Merchant Mariner documentation, medical cert, US passport, TWIC & driver’s license. For Officers - Completion of USCG Gap Closing courses and be a U.S. home based mariner is preferred.

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