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Drilling companies pay to have another incentive to steal the cream of the crop. Also this only seems to be festering with a few long distance commuters.

I would hardly call airfare a “pittance” for a company like ECO with over 2000 marine personnel. If you truly don’t believe a cost like that wouldn’t cut into day rates for the rest of us, you need a reality check. Also if it’s such a small expenditure, captains making 180,000+ a year shouldn’t have a problem.

I simply can’t grasp how some feel this should be expected. It wasn’t expected when you went to the bayou job hunting, when you shook hands and took a job, or when you went through orientation and they explained the benefits package…but now it is.


Ask the poor bastard with two masters degrees making you coffee at Starbucks if he thinks it’s unfair about the travel pay. How many of your high school friends that went to college had a six figure job fall in their laps this early in their careers. If they did start paying full travel it would be the first thing to go when the inevitable bust comes. As stated before the long distance travelers will be let go first. I feel that I shouldn’t have to drive the 5 hours I do now. I think I want a limo to my local airport. I think I want a chopper from NOLA airport to Fourchon. I also want some good whores de ovaries served on the flight over. Gimme gimme gimme.


whores de ovaries.[/QUOTE]Now thats an instant classic typo.


You makin fun of me? I’m an Alabama public school congradulate.


[QUOTE=Fraqrat;77819]You makin fun of me? I’m an Alabama public school congradulate.[/QUOTE]

The sad part is REB can’t laugh at you about that Fraq, he went to Alabama public school as well.


[QUOTE=ChiefRob;77821]The sad part is REB can’t laugh at you about that Fraq, he went to Alabama public school as well.[/QUOTE]Yep got my GED from faulkner state though. Just missed my GED class renunion, darn it…


Oh crap you fks live near me!


A corporation buying tickets for the employees would get them at a fraction of the cost the public pays. And it is fully tax deductible for them. I think their biggest worry isn’t the money but the hassel. They just don’t want to be bothered by having to have travel agents on staff and worry about changing travel plans if crew change is delayed or moved earlier.


Companies can hire a travel service like Marine Travel. Or give you a travel allowance & let you handle it.


It would make sense for a large company to own and operate a profit making travel agency. As a travel agency, I doubt that they would pay over 25% of the retail price for the tickets.

I once worked for a small company where the owner bought a travel agency for his wife. She handled travel for several small boat companies and had retail customers at her storefront office too. As a fringe benefit they went on a lot of free trips.


There’s clearly a division on our opinions. I do receive a travel allowance. I am making a good wage and for the most part, I am content with my situation. I was simply making a point that any large corporation covers travel expenses for their employees, it’s just part of operating expenses.
I vote to close this thread out now.


If I got paid what I thought I was worth, I could work 2 on 4 off haha. But really, there is no such thing as a perfect company. Everyone will always find something they believe the company can improve on. Its clear we’ll never agree on travel pay. But maybe if I start making 6 figures, it won’t sting as bad coming out of pocket for travel. One thing I will say is this, no one ever said the words “expect” or “demand” when travel pay was talked about. I’m not sure why this little discussion on gCaptain got some people’s panties in a bunch, but it was just a little chit chat around the water cooler. If you’re so tired of hearing about it then read another thread.

On a side note, if the east coast opens up and Hornbeck works out of the old Portsmouth Marine Terminal in Portsmouth, Va, then I believe then they will be the perfect company haha.


I haven’t been following this thread so not sure if this has been covered but I will just say that as long as there is a travel allowance paid then it is acceptable to make one’s own travel arrangements provided that the allowance is high enough to cover ALL the costs to get to the heliport/crew change location. What I don’t like is having to eat travel days since they come out of our off time. I think a company should provide a travel pay rate of say 1/2 normal dayrate but that will not happen. Salary people working overseas really get the “big fid” in this regard when there is more than 24 hours to travel. A 28/28 rotation is much more of a 30/26 or even a 32/24 and of course to the operator’s benefit. I also think that any extra expenses incurred such as penalties to change tickets due to crew change changes should be born by the company since they are the one’s making the change and not the mariner.

Obviously, the system still is skewed to the old way of everybody driving to the crewchange site and as far as boat companies go, isn’t yet up to the reality that is not universal anymore. I think the more progressive companies are getting there even if they aren’t buying the tickets for all their mariners who fly in especially when a larger portion of their people are not in driving distance.


My boss pays for the fuel.I burn it up!!


You got any poop on that?? Or just wishful thinking?


Oh its wishful thinking for sure.


In N.O. flying to NYC in the am! P-A-I-D…:wink:


Congrats Rebel…I’m hoping to pick something up in the city soon…but if I don’t I’m headed to LA to knock on doors like you…hopefully with the same results!!!


Congats Rebel!!! I’m waiting on one company and may be headed to LA should this one not work out…