Bunker Calculation


Hi everybody,
Can anyone tell me what is the difference between calculating bunker quantity of HFO & MGO if I’m using the formula
Mass=(Stanadard value@15 Degree Celsius) X V.C.F. X W.C.F.
Where v.c.f. is from ASTM 54B & w.c.f=v.c.f-0.0011

And what about this formula
Mass=Observed Volume X Corrected S.G.
**WhereThe formula used to calculate the Temperature Corrected Density is:

= (Density of Fuel Oil @ 15⁰C) x [1- {(T-15) x 0.00064}]

T = temperature of oil in bunker tanks in degree Celsius,
0.00064 = Correction factor**
Does this formula applies for both HFO & MGO??

Thanks in advance


sorry i didn’t delve into this further but I always just used the expansion coefficient as applied to usg. The USG didn’t seem too interested in paying for a few hundred ‘extra’ gallons but private companies sure did !
My parents ran a gas station and insisted the FO be delivered early in the morning while it was still cool, the supplier is suppose to calculate FO delivered at 68F but i suppose a lot are not aware of this nor know how to calculate it. I do recall the gallons corrected for temp. on the delivery ticket from some suppliers.