Best Watch For Professional Mariners


You would think so but it’s not glass its sapphire crystal.


It’s all sapphire aka aluminum oxide, so anything softer than sandpaper wouldn’t bother it much. That doesn’t mean I like it or think it’s practical for anyone in the real world.


You haven’t sent me any yet so I have nothing to ignore.


That being said, sapphire is by definition hardness 9 on the Mohs scale, with 10 being diamond. But Mohs isn’t really a scale, it’s more of a list of particular minerals ordered by hardness. There’s more difference in hardness between 9 and 10 than there is between 1 (apatite, I think?) and 9.


So what are your collective thoughts on the Breitling Emergency Watch with Integrated 121.5 MHz epirb? They are starting to show up on sale now that the Emergency 2 with 406mhz epirb is our (which costs $15,000!).


Yes we did… and we went over this already in the last thread.


My mistake, I forgot about that one.


I’ve had my Luminox since 2004 and worn it through two department head tours, an XO tour, and two command tours – still going strong. Luminox also stands behind their watches and repairs them quickly in Cranston, RI; maybe if you sent them the broken case they would replace it for a nominal fee.


Wow, and I live fifteen miles from Cranston! Too late by about ten years.


Thats the thing. Luminox USED to make great watches.


Which model?


“Navy Seals” model. One of the complaints was that the original watch-band wears out too quickly; I replaced the original plastic/rubber watch-band with a military strap-type NATO band and it will likely outlast the 25-year predicted luminosity of the gas-filled tubes on the watch hands and dial. Picture attached not mine, but shows the same watch and a similar band:


Ha! Love it!


That (the Ressence) is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Love his Swiss accent.


the mid watch… unless you just gotta have breakfast. FYI Chrystal Stability for Temp. was established to mil spec in about 1939-1940. Though it has certainly changed some since then, the standards established then were meant to accomodate aircraft radios, ie: Crystal Control of Freq. with temperature a large factor. When X-Ray use was implemented in full, by say 1942-3 Crystal alignment issues before cutting were much alleviated and Crystal stability became largely what we know it to be now. Well, there were “aging” issues and such but…



Took this thread and nudged my wife in the direction of this Steinhart GMT automatic for Christmas.

Merry Christmas y’all


Thus watch is on display at the air and space museum in DC. Charles Lindbergh and Weems developed it with swiss watchmaker Longlines specifically for celestial navigation.


Longlines? They’re the combined watchmaker/trawler company, right? :wink:


They did a remake. Look at the Longines Lindbergh. Expensive as heck though.


Ball Watches had a new Engineer II Navigator with both a 24 hour dial and 12 hour dial on the same face. I would love to get in on the ore order at just under $1000 but the wife would kill me. My seiko baby monster will have to do for now!