What would you consider justification for “sailing short”?

There are US flag tallships with COIs that sometimes go foreign. I don’t know if the one he’s talking about has a COI. I’m not sure how common it is to have properly licensed deckhands onboard to promote into a COI billet.

Well, yeah… hmm, don’t you think maybe s/he’s in a position to say? And then maybe we can evaluate it?

Yes indeed, sailed aboard EAGLE and you are correct, no COI. Currently sail aboard a ship with Sea Semester that routinely goes abroad. COIs based in homeport on Cape Cod, but we spend most of the year outside the US.

So did you ever submit a sailing short for the vessel you currently sail and what is it?

It is Sea Semester (www.sea.edu), two ships with COIs the Robert C. Seamans and the Corwith Cramer. Mate left unexpectedly and promoted a AB to the role. Was in the Pacific, filed a sail short in accordance with 15.725 with OCMI in Honolulu. All was well.

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So what did you say in the report? Was the AB licensed for fill the position or no? What effort did you make to fill the position?

We emailed them before departure stating the mate had to leave, and the AB was just an AB (sail) and not a 200-ton mate as our COI says. We laid out the reasoning (we are sitting here in the middle of the South Pacific and can’t reasonably find a qualified 200 ton oceans mate with sail endorsement, and our plan is to sail with the AB in the role. OCMI was fine with it. I mean we are small potatoes, but try to follow the rules as best we can. The cruise track in the pacific takes us Hawaii to Samoa to New Zealand to Tahiti and back to Hawaii so we have a good relationship with OCMI Hono.

They actually do our COI in American Samoa sometimes too.

Cool, and if they accepted that argument, no worries. The point of the thread and discussion is that when a Master signs that form, they take on a responsibility and possible violation. It is a violation to not be manned properly. But there is a process that allows other than full manning - subject to review. Best on the front end than the back end.

You bet, I don’t really like the forgiveness rather than permission so emailing them ahead of time made me feel better. We had a new mate waiting for us on the pier for sure :slight_smile:

Off subject but wanted to say that is an awesome website design. Thanks for sharing!

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Off topic but your YouTube videos are awesome and I credit you with passing my celestial.

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Haha thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: Congratulations!

That’s the value of modern comms and an old law designed to provide a solution for the insoluble situation when comms didn’t allow it.

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When I send the CG the required form for sailing short I always get the same response. Basically 'let us know when you’re back up to full manning".

What do they say when they give “permission”? Do they explicitly say you have permission to sail?

Sorry I didn’t mean to imply I asked permission in this case. I told them my plans so that when I arrived at the next port and gave official notification per the cfr I was not unpleasantly surprised. I just meant that the overall life philosophy that some people espouse that “it is better asking forgiveness rather than permission” is not the best in my mind. And when we arrived at NPOC we gave report and the fact our new mate was on the pier and they had no issues. Thanks!

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