What do you do in Castine?


It was fairly relaxed when I was there. No afternoon formations except as a freshman and that didn’t last much beyond the 2nd semester. Hair cut and shaves, you gotta stay trimmed but they aren’t insane about it. Typically there are only 10-15 people per class that care about the regiment, so it is pretty relaxed and you know who the tools are.


is it true they only have one formation a week


Not when I was there in 2002. Maine has daily morning formations for the entire regiment and as a freshman there is a formation before that at 0630. At least that was the case almost 10 years ago.


summers in castine were great. do whatever you can to sign up for extra credit doing summer waterfront work etc. my last summer I even got a job locally with Castine’s summer theater company. holy sh_t. summers in castine were magic. 99% of the cadets were gone. no drug screens or alcohol tests. new faces in town. cuties from NYC. many adventures to be had.
don’t miss the forest because the trees are blocking your view…