USS Fitzgerald & ACX Crystal To Blame or Not To Blame?


It’d be more accurate to say that the Navy is holding personnel in postions of authority accountable.

Here on the forum posters are blaming the the way the Navy organizes bridge teams, training, general incompetence, corruption and excess politial correctness. Elsewhere others are blaming lack of ships, budget cuts and increased operational tempo.

In fact some in the upper Navy ranks may be publicly holding subordinates accoutable while in private blaming factors such as excess PC culture etc.


Blame, accountability … synonymous.


Go back to the studies of anthropology or animal behaviour or tribal behaviour or group dynamics or organisational behaviour.
It is normal chemistry that any failure in an organisation leaves a bad taste in its wake. The organisation cannot bounce back until someone is blamed and removed. Or removed with implications of blame attached. Or if he resigns himself after a nice mea culpa speech. Whatever!
The removal of at least one person gives the organisation a nice feeling of renewal, even if nothing much changes immediately or at all.


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