Union or non union?


IBU all the way. SIU is a trash union that they even raid work from they’re own members(80s crowley dispute)and SUP may be a great union but the president has recently been caught stealing money from the pension plan and I am sure it does not stop there.


I mean no personal bearing Snusmumriken.This wan’t the case when I was with SUP. Can you please qualify your sources so I can verify your claims. You are being way too general.

And for any OS needing work…Even with promotions from the Supply Dept, MSC is only at 60% manning with no relief in sight over the next few months. RFPNW not required.


MSC can be a great job, but it requires a security clearance. Do some research on whether you can get and keep a security clearance.


For unlicensed, yes the hiring is done through the hall.


You’re correct that an OS doesn’t need RFPNW but @Snusmumriken is correct that it’s practically impossible to get a job on a ship without it since there are basically no COI billets that don’t require that rating at a minimum.


Yes, and some of the companies take applications and the new-hires join the SIU.
When the oilfield went to shit mid '80s, I walked into the Houston hall and walked out with a job. Retired 24 years later at 56 working for 2 companies with uncapped wage related pensions and 2 for 1 contributions. Top tier medical. I, like too few, retired young enough to enjoy it.


I think Crowley’s ATB contract has a clause that says they have the right to hire the most qualified of the pool regardless of seniority.