This is what you could call a tight fit

Steady as she goes… I don’t get it. Is this a barge loaded with containers? No room for a wheelhouse I suppose.


i dont see twist locks and they are not lashed down, probably all MT’s going back to the terminal from up river in some places short sea shipping works.
the deck hand on the top of one container doesn’t seem too concerned

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That may be the Skipper, Since the telescopic wheelhouse is lowered, he give orders from there.
(Or maybe he uses a remote control unit, if this is one of the newer and better equipped inland ships/push tugs)

Very interesting tug looks like it fits into a notch in the barge as I don’t see facing wires
Purpose built so it obviously makes money on that side of the world
Integrated tugs and barges on the west coast of California are used to Haul petroleum
It’s a rule beater as the manning requirements are less for this type of vessel
And at 600 ft they can hold a lot of barrels

They are mostly single hull, not tug and barge designs. Very nice vessels typically. The ones I’ve been aboard (mostly bunker barges) have very nice accommodations and families live aboard them. European short sea shipping is really impressive.

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Like the canal barges of old. Pretty cool. Family operators so maintenance is probably above average
The us coast guard and the large tug operators have driven 90% of the mom and pop family owned companies out of business in the US
I was at the tail end of the family owned businesses. Very proud people it’s was too bad

I do not see the necessity to lock down the containers. These are not ships that go near coastal, nor are they trucks. They work in the mainly flat regions of Europe, in more or less tortuous rivers or canals with small depths, there are no large lakes that could induce a significant swell.
Upriver, near the mountains, the stronger river flows are domesticated with PowerStation dams… and locks.

I would only be concerned with the empties; the containers could be blown overboard in a surprising thunderstorm.