Hope nobody finds out about the big painting of Jesus in KP’s admin building.

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The guy from the big Lebowski?


No Donnie, he’s a pederast…


I’ve seen these murals on CMA’s training ship. They range from intricate Maori design to a sort of WWII pin up girl South Pacific motif. Lots of mermaids and stuff, as well. No real nudity, but certainly some could be called suggestive by some folks. But, while some are better then others, none could be classified as “graffiti”. I hear CMA is going to get a professional photographer in there and archive them all, to be put up on their web site.


In anti-PC logic it can only be painted over if it’s completely inoffensive.


I didn’t see anything that could be construed as crude? Future murals can be painted, provided they follow university guidelines set forth in the not so distant future.

So when choosing the new color of white how are they going to be certain it’s PC some people i’m sure are offended by the color white? put it to a vote that’ll take care of the majority but what do you do about the offended minority. Where does it stop?

The first post in this thread is a little more politically divisive than it needs to be, and it lacks a lot of important context for those who aren’t currently on campus, which is the majority of you.

I’ll try to explain things in detail a bit more.

Click here for a nearly complete album of all of the murals on the ship.

Click here for an album that only has the murals in question.

You can go through those on your own if you’d like to, and decide whether or not they’re offensive enough to be removed.

The student body has a few problems with how this has been handled, and I don’t blame them. They weren’t involved in the decision at all, even though the letter claims they were. This situation is happening right after a big announcement promoting the “shared governance” between the administration and the student body, allegedly increasing the amount of communication between the two before any big decisions are made about the campus moving forward. So much for that, I guess.

The only reason they decided to paint over all of the murals instead of just the ones they deemed offensive was so President Cropper wouldn’t have to take a concrete stance and tell us definitively what was found to be “too offensive”. That decision would require him to explain himself. Some of these murals are just paintings that nobody could find offense in if they tried, it’s an absolute waste to paint over everything completely. You can check the albums above and see that for yourself. I won’t tell you what opinion to have.

On top of everything else, they’re making sure the cadets can’t do anything about it.

The administration is going to be removing these murals during spring break, knowing full well that nobody will be on campus to stop them. The 1/C cadets who will be on campus will be busy taking their mates exams, everyone else will be home for the break or on holiday.

It seems to be a small isolated group of people that are championing this cause. The rest of our opinions, the majority opinion, is being disregarded. Most of the women in these murals were designed and painted on by women who thought the images were empowering. Its a complex issue. Who gets to decide what is offensive and objectifying?

Finally, here’s a post by a CMA grad that I felt summarized the situation really well:

To those of you currently attending CMA: I hope you men, and ESPECIALLY you women, are not standing for this.

WE are the California Maritime Academy.

WE sail that ship around the world.

WE sweat in her engine room and toil on her decks.

WE incur years of debt to pay tuition to this school.

OUR voices should be louder than the miserable squeals emanating from this ambiguous list of faculty, staff, cadets, and campus visitors who have allegedly expressed "offence" when exposed to the artwork that has long served as an expression of pride amongst those of us who have endured a sweltering summer in lower berthing breathing the flatulence and effluvium of our bunkmates.

There are countless examples in the annals of history wherein the voices of the underprivileged few deserved support in their quest to overcome the tyranny of the many. This is not one of those cases. These few, these insensitive few who cower behind the guise of over-sensitivity, must not be permitted to gain more traction than even we can with respect to the fate of our own history.

Our murals tell a story. OUR story.

We do not sever the dick of David nor the mammories of Venus de Milo for fear of their propensity to propagate pornography. The demotion of our murals from narrative artwork on the very bulkheads of our ship to digital photographs squirreled away on a thumb drive in some suit’s drawer is abominable.

You cadets currently attending the academy may not yet understand the gravity of this situation, but you will. When you look back on those years of your life you gave to that campus, you will hold dearest the little moments that brought you joy, like the day you signed your name beside those in your division. And when you revisit the Golden Bear someday you will be looking for your mural. Trust me. You will.

I urge you to employ the tactics that our faculty’s generation employed when they wished to see a change in the world. Stage a walkout. Go on a hunger strike. Drop out and get a liberal arts degree instead (no, don’t actually do that). But do something. Do not standby to standby and simply watch this happen.

I’ll leave you with a quote directly from President Cropper himself:

“If they (students) don’t like it, they can leave… and you can quote me on that.”

So I’m going to go ahead and quote him on that.


You’ve GOT to be joking! What kind of milquetoast snowflake masquerading as a wannabe adult human being could possibly take offense at any of those cartoons? JFC, what has this world come to?


That’s very impressive. I would think it would be valuable to the present cadets to have this visible continuity with previous classes on board.


I wonder if the guy that carved “FTG” on the inside of the door while sitting in the head of the 30 man deck berthing area on the USCGC Gallatin ever thinks about going back to see if it’s still there?

You’ve gotta be shitting me?! That’s what they’re uptight about??? Wow. California I guess. Seriously, I see absolutely nothing offensive in those and wouldn’t hesitate showing them to family if one of those murals were mine. Hell, even my granny would be fine with those.


Surely you can admit that a poorly scratched name on the head door is hardly equivalent to a mural that took days to design and paint.

These murals represent a cadet’s first three months at sea. All the adventures, friends and memories involved in that condensed into one piece. I’m sure there are many of us who see value in returning to that someday in the future.

Click here for a nearly complete album of all of the murals on the ship.

Click here for an album that only has the murals in question.

I also made a post that provides a lot more context as to what’s going on, if you’re interested in reading that.

Looked at the artwork. Sorry to offend but I am not a fan of graffiti. If you wanted to keep it for posterity the artist should have used canvass or perhaps dunnage.

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The school could just paint over everything without archiving the murals, but they aren’t. They are archiving them as part of history. And that ship is probably going to be scrapped in the next couple of years anyway when California gets a new training ship. So you won’t be visiting unless you’re in Brownsville watching it get dismantled.

No offense taken, I’d take that as a compliment. Cal Maritime is about as far away from an art school as you can get…

With that train of logic, there’s not much point in maintaining the ship at all. Why grind away that patch of rust on the deck? The ship is probably going to be scrapped in a few years anyway…

Obviously, those pieces aren’t going to be there forever. It’s a shame to have such a great tradition prematurely see its end, all just to paint over three decades of history for a few subjectively bad apples.

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I didn’t see anything wrong with the murals myself but you’re going to have to deal with it at some point. We had the same tradition on the TSES with the first class rates, but they’ve been painted over pretty routinely throughout the years. I never heard anyone complain about it, like @ShooterMcGavin said, although there was a cadet complaining about cruise ports on here a few months ago. For many of us, the attitude at Schuyler is to drive out the gate and never look back.

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So they’re mostly homages to pinups or bomber nose art of WW2 vintage? Who gets offended by that? what a load of crap


A lot of nose are was certainly more risque than those. . . . . .