Short Sea Shipping

The idea of creating a system of short sea shipping of containers on the Mississippi and Missouri River networks continues to develop.

“… terminals in Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas and potentially Illinois could be expanded in phases as market demand warrants.”

She is in service in good weather and in bad:

In Gisundet (at 69.5 N) on her way to Tromsø.

Here is the inland port at Wuhan, China:

Unfortunately the port has been struck by Covid-19, causing lockdown in the city closest to the port:

Nothing in Europe can equal barge transport size of tow or tonnage moved in the US. Mississippi system about 4200 navigable miles 60 plus ports. Connects at the Gulf via inland waterway Texas west Alabama east,


Try to get this rig up a European river, and it’s not the largest.


While inland shipping in Europe is suffering from low water levels things are going on as normal in Saigon River:

Barge traffic at the Saigon River (Vietnam)
Photo: Simon Weir in Saigon (c)