Shore Leave Being Denied by Company


Most US refineries don’t let crew members pass through unless it’s a medical emergency or crew change (and many try to resist letting crew change happen). Most of the ones that allow it still require that you pay an approved private company to “escort” you from the dock to the gate and back, which isn’t cheap and is a means of discouraging crew members from going into town.


When I started sailing on the ETC LNG fleet in the mid-80’s we were a “wet” ship.
It actually worked out well, because if Drunky had a problem, Drunky had to pack his bags and go away.
None of this “you must ALL suffer because of Drunky’s PROBLEM” nonsense.
In the intervening decades, the US industry has apparently decided in too many instances that it’s easier to lock everyone in a kennel than deal with the blowback from the pooch that runs around the neighborhood barking up a storm and biting the local children and defecating on the good folks’ front lawns.
At least that’s the rationalization…and you can see it here in this thread. The fact that NOT hiring launch services or contracting vans and drivers to transport the seamen/prisoners to and fro is a substantial savings to the budget is not supposed to be a factor.
It’s only taken me 30 years to learn not to waste my time and effort “fighting City Hall”. Just move to another town when the bullshit becomes intolerable, and let the clown cadre carry on getting their pictures in the paper for giving each other Major Awards…and every year the audience for these glittering achievements grows smaller and smaller and smaller.

Then you can bust a gut laughing when you see threads about how the Federal “Deep Thinkurs” have identified an acute shortage of skilled mariners in case if the Big “If”.
What’s even funnier is these Fed stooges go to the very Brain Trust that have chased everyone away to find out Why This Industry Sucks.

Gee…it takes an International Treaty just to get SOMETHING on paper,(with no means of readily effective enforcement mind you), to theoretically allow Bubba or Ali or Chang-Wi some time off and away from the ship…you would think that something like this would be an “Atomic Cluebat” for the “Big Brains” in the Business…but nope.
Same policies as always until the whole industry sinks beneath the waves.
Then they’ll award each other a nice shiny trophy for what an Excellent Job they’ve done. Maybe even a parade with a brass band…


I’ve seen crews from the bulkers at the anchorage near Burrard Inlet come in to Granville Island on their lifeboats. At terminals its often a padre or a volunteer from AoS that takes us in to town.


Deja vu here re: previous topics regarding the US and compliance or not with the ILO/MLC…

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