Shell could abandon Arctic after this season


Sovcomflot, the largest operator of shuttle tankers for Arctic conditions, is affected by the present market situation:

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[QUOTE=tugsailor;196259]There isn’t any multiyear ice in Alaska.[/QUOTE]

So much more reason why the possibility of offshore loading MAY be considered over the use of an aging TAPS.


The max. extent of sea ice for this winter has been reached and are covering less area than ever before: ​

That open opportunities for exploration in areas never before accessible with present day technology. It also open possibilities for shipping, fishing and tourism in new areas, year around.

This does not separate between 1st year and multi-year ice extent though.


If there’s no sea ice, they don’t have any of the challenges related to loading operations in ice-covered waters in the Norwegian terminals. For sure, some of the bow-loading systems may be compatible with proper winterization, but the loading tower needs to be a special ice-resistant structure not unlike the FOIROT. Keep in mind that there’s no multi-year ice in Varandey or Novy Port either, but the moving ice pack is already challenging enough.

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Russia is producing oil and gas in the Arctic, both onshore and offshore:
How many barrels is that?? Depends on the Sp.g of the oil I presume.


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Christ, pretty ridiculous. What’s the point of that? Except some PR and throwing money around.


pretty much right in keeping what has happened to this forum…

the point is there is no point nor will there ever be one again and there is simply one member responsible for this sad decline

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Drilling to commence soon in the northernmost concessions in the Barents Sea:


Russia may have made a major discovery in the Arctic offshore:
The estimate of this find is mind boggling. (Sorry, given in m.t., not bbls)


With that water depth, they could buy the SSDC and convert it to a production platform…


Ah, yes. They were also pretty enthusiastic about their discovery in the Kara Sea in 2014 (with Exxon).

Never been heard of ever since.


From enthusiastic discovery in Russia to a confirmed development of Finnmark:
How many of the jobs created during the construction phase will be in the north of Norway, or even in Norway at all is probably still a question mark, but 90-100 offshore jobs for the next 30 years is welcome in the region.

With the many that will work in the shorebased organization in Hammerfest and Harstad and the indirect jobs that will follow from that, this will be a major boost for the entire region.


Perhaps if Russia had not invaded Ukraine and the price of oil had not collapsed, we would have heard more of that project…


Two totally different things. But you’re right, it may all have looked more promising today.

Anyway, let’s see what Gazprom will manage to pull off this summer in the Kara Sea … with a Chinese rig:


Facts about Nanhai VIII:


More oil found in the Barents Sea, this time in a new formation and new zone:


More news about the development of the Johan Castberg Field in the Barents Sea:

If Statoil can make a profit from USD 30/Bbls. oil price, all those predicting the demise of Arctic drilling and production may have to have a rethink.


There’s still no sea ice at Johan Castberg…


True, true, but then again a good bit of the Arctic is below the ice limit, and more will inevitably be so as global warming continue. The oil & gas industry is a long lead business.

Maybe renewable energy is more of a treat??