Passengers Injured as Norwegian Escape Hit by ‘100 Knot Wind Gust’ Off U.S. East Coast

I worked on cruise ships for 10yrs. Multiple contracts onboard Norwegian Sea, Norwegian Wind, Norwegian Star, MS Asuka, and MS Saga Rose. They all had stabilizers and I can’t think of a single time we had one extend without the other. It may happen, just never happened when I was working on those vessels.

My comment was in response to your single word post which didn’t really make any sense, offer an explanation, or further the discussion. Writing the single word “wind” would have made just as little sense.

Feel free to call me or describe me however you want. Makes zero difference to me or this discussion.

Why would one stabiliser being deployed cause a ship to list? All that happens is that you have half the righting mechanism. I’ve sailed on a couple of ships where we have has problems and only deployed one and that one worked, just not so well.

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That explains it.

And contributing to a “discussion” on gCaptain holds about the same weight as writing an Op-Ed in Mad Magazine.


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Google it

No need for this here. Maybe you should stick to Mad Magazine.

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Could it work differently on Cruise ships than on ATBs??

Norwegian Sky Juan de Fuca 2001, steering on autopilot.

Can you let me have a form of words to use in Google please? Once I’ve seen something I’ll be able to reply coherently.

As you haven’t replied I assume that will be a no then?