OSV Companies Running Out of Options


Why isn’t it built for the world wide market?


Are you asking me??? You are the one who should know why they built only for a limited market.

If you are wondering what is the difference, open the specs for both vessels, which is in pdf on the Delta website.


does the HOS BAYOO have a sauna and bidets in each head?


So you’re saying that the GE DP system, the ROV’s and that big crane only work in the GOM? They don’t use any of that equipment anywhere else in the world? Or are you saying because it doesn’t have vibrating recliners in the helipad waiting room it’ll never get a job?


No, not because of the GE DP system, (which is not mentioned in specs) the ROVs (which belongs to Delta??) or the AHC crane. (Nor “vibrating recliners”, sauna, or anything else of that nature)

But because the HOS Bayou is primarily a PSV, with a crane added on and don’t meet SPS class requirements. She lacks ROV Hangar and Moon pool to be classed as a full fledged Subsea Vessel.

Besides she has low deck strength (5 m.t./sq.m.) small deck area (730 sq.m.) and lacks side thruster aft for redundancy in DP mode.

And yes, the standard of living quarters (24 air conditioned/heated staterooms certified for 70 person(s) berthing) is not up to international requirements these days.


Says who? I bet if the charterer got work for the vessel in a foreign location the boat would go there and pass all inspections.


Well, we may have to wait a while to find out.


That and she’s as ugly as sin too. :wink: Not like those gorgeous Island boats… that are up to the MLC living quarters requirements.


what I object to from Herr Professor Bugge is the palpable derision that Norwegians hold Americans and American vessels as so amply demonstrated by his comments.

Yes, Norwegian vessels are beautiful and have accomodations equal to any cruiseship HOWEVER we are talking about vessels that work for a living and having leather sofas on the bridge and gorgeous simulated wooden jointery doesn’t get that work accomplished. Frankly I would imagine in most environments of the world that the HOS BAYOU would be able to accomplish anything the OLYMPIC DELTA can but just not be as fashionable while it did.

I put it to you Herr Bugge, you are highjacking yet another thread with your FUCKING Sunmorging Norske superior attitude and I ask you to cease and desist before I get PISSED OFF AT YOU!


Who the hell builds a vessel without bulbous bow in this day and age?

HOS Bayou looks like a barge with welded on superstructure and a crane.


Well, to be fair, it’s not just the boys on the bayou… The Koreans build them that way too… :wink:

And don’t say it’s just because that’s a drillship… the Glomar Explorer had beautiful lines, and kinda sorta had a bulb so that’s no excuse.


That vessel must have had one of the weirdest stories in the history of offshore vessels.


so what? if a barge with a superstructure and a crane does the job…


Because it would have higher fuel consumption than a vessel with a bulbous bow.

You don’t understand the importance of crew comfort?

You don’t have much of a imagination do you?


Not if it never leaves the dock…


[quote]Not if it never leaves the dock…

Well it hasn’t, at least not since 05. May, 2017: https://www.vesselfinder.com/vessels/HOS-BAYOU-IMO-9647681-MMSI-367596850


Looks like Delta commissioned the video…



No I don’t hold anybody or anything in “palpable derision”. I’m a realist and know full well that to build a luxurious yacht when you need barge is not good economy.
But I have also worked with enough people and companies that believe “cheap is good” to know otherwise. (I can give you examples)

If you are going to compete for international contracts in today’s Offshore market there are certain things to be considered:

  1. You have to comply with the rules and regulations that applies in the area of operation. (I.e. IMO and shelf state requirements) A whole alphabet soup of “Subchapter this & that” doesn’t help, unless you have SPS class and are MLC compliant, among others.

  2. The charterers have requirements for safety, efficiency and reliability (not necessarily always in that order) Why pay more for less?

  3. The best crews have demand for comfort and wise Owners know that to attract the best they have to offer that. Charterers also know that.

BTW; I did not say that the HOS Bayou is not able to do work in the GoM, but would not be able to compete outside that area.


When I got laid off from Chouest last October, pretty much all the masters and chiefs all got the same pay. If you where a master or chief you got the same base day rate, the i guess you can call it 3rd captain/engineer or whatever you want to call the two got a lower base day rate and the other 2 mates on board got a little bit lower base day rate. The only thing that would make it higher was your seniority pay, which i think the highest i heard of was an extra 25-30 a day.


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