Of course we all knew this...it was the Navee's fault...TWICE!


Apparently going all ahead flank and turning to port is not working out too well… we need a new plan.


Honestly they were damned if they did, damned if they didn’t at that point. Wasn’t room to turn to starboard without colliding, going left and flank was one of their only options, though it was an extremely long shot.


What is most obvious, and ironic from viewing this YP pic??

If the helm and lee helm of DDG’s were like the one in the picture, there would have been no collision on JSM. (disregarding the fact the EOT handles are in the “All Stop” position, hence not underway!! LOL)


Flank speed? Can you help a Brit out here?


highest possible speed


Thanks! All very tally ho! Nothing like double full ahead!


wow! I totally missed seeing what is painfully obvious which then makes one ask if that is a posed photo for some publicity purpose? (knowing now the US Navee just loves providing its own favorable press!)

I can just see the caption “in this photo we see US Naval Academy middies learning now to become seafaring warfighters!”


Still the stern facing windies would have been helpful on the JSM…


They could be underway not making way or doing some kind of test or drill. (Or it’s staged propaganda.)


I was on an older MSC ship that had been updated with modern controls but the EOT had not been removed. It was kept as a nod to the past. Unless you think they are still communicating with the engine room using the speaking tube, I’m guessing this is the case here as they do appear to be underway .


That brass EOT and voice tube just gives em something to polish every week.


The pilot would do it the same way the conning officer does, give standard commands to the helmsman or the crewmember manning the engine control.


That is good to hear. I would think if he was going to go through the chain of command (OOD -JOOD to Helm and Left Helm) it would leave room for error.
That leaves a lot of idle hands on the bridge though. Or do they busy themselves with other things.
Like preparing maneuver board:


Whatcha think they’re doing?


MoBoards, doing lookouts for small craft cutting your bow / stern, etc.

Depends a lot on the port too, for instance in San Diego we mainly do it without a pilot, only picking them up later in the transit after we’ve already done a lot of the harbor.


You have to understand a little background here. You need to understand the mindset of the merchant academy trained mariner.

Think about the Navy, graduates of the Naval Academy graduate and go to sea working destroyers, aircraft carriers, becoming fighter pilots and submariners, operating big guns, launching torpedoes and so forth. How do you think this makes the merchant school boys feel? It makes them feel like limp-dicked sissy boys.

So what argument can they make that hauling boxes full of crap for Wallmart is somehow better? They only argument they can make is that while hauling boxes full of crap there is only two people in the wheelhouse so that makes them better than the Navy.

Of course for the most part this attitude goes away as mariner gains experience, except for the weak-minded among us.


My picture got edited out.


Don’t be fooled. 90% of what SWOs do is paper work, sitting in their state room, and going to meetings where they pretend to know something. That and waiting for shore duty.


Whilst at the Merchant Academy, I flirted with the idea of going into the Navy. Even had an ROTC scholarship on the table waiting for me to complete a DODMERB physical. After my first year I wanted to change my major and thought talking to the submarine lieutenant assigned as my “faculty adviser” was a good idea. When you’re 19 and trying to plan the best move for your education you really don’t want to be screamed at for “eyeballing” (looking another man in the eyes in Navy parlance) while talking to him. Upon being reprimanded for this and told to leave the office and return at attention, I simply left the office and never went back.

No feeling like a limp dick here. Just more self respect than to think I’d like to spend even one week with an asshole like that as my “peer”. Never had a similar experience like it in the Merchant marine and couldn’t be happier with my decision.


It is there, but hidden for some reason.
Here it is: