MSC 3 A/E Thinking Of Jumping Ship

Most, if not all, of these are not MSC managed but MARAD managed while they are pierside in Reduced Operating Status. I know they have a reduced manning and at least the engineers work a typical engineer day work schedule except they go home shore side vs going to their cabin at night with one guy remaining on board on duty. If the ship gets activated, then it gets turned over to MSC to manage operationally.

A bunch get activated occasionally, at least as an exercise, depending on how long their required activation timeline is to see if they actually can. There are a bunch every year but I don’t think it’s every ship every year. I think it’s usually about a 2-3 week evolution. I have heard that they usually fulfill the manning through the union halls.

No idea what the pay is like but the “schedule” is tough to beat if you like your home time.

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Are the other two ROS now?

I think CEall3 made the better points. sailing for MSC, NOAA and such are a life style typically rotating people home in the “OFF season”. It is/was a way of life going back literally centuries.
The opportunity to upgrade, save money, and prepare yourself for your later years is a decision many of us never considered or considered in time.

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I quit MSC back in 2019, have a great 2/M position with HOS in the GoM. We are looking for to hire people for all positions. I can help you get into the referral program with HOS. I’ve brought like 8 guys from MSC to HOS and they are super happy over here, enjoying life.


How do Mate’s without DP experience of certification make the transition to HOS? What is the day rate? Travel? Benefits?

We have a position called Cargo Mate, basically Mates without DP. They will get their DP induction and work they way. Day rate will vary with credentials and experience. Travel they pay one way. Benefits include 401k matching 3%. Safety bonus, referrals, Xmas pay, New Years Pay.

Jump ship. Leave on proper terms. MSC is always hiring and they ain’t going nowhere. You can always go back if you don’t like the other grass.

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Pay for travel. What a joke.


Just level up your gas turbine license and use your clearance and government classes to get on a pre-po in Saipan or Diego, I think those engineers are MEBA, seems like a cushy gig and not too many deep sea guys have those qualifications.

Yes. The Gulf Coast cult like mentality toward no pay for travel is absurd. They’d rather keep boats at the dock off contract for lack of crew than pay a few pennies for travel.