Merchant Marine Assoc

While plenty laughed as our state faced a crisis. I wonder what if anything those Monday night quarterbacks were doing to help. My guess is nothing. Our association was created for situations just like this. While ALL the Merchant Marines did all free of charge we were blessed by both The Merchant Marines, Local chapters of The Merchant Marines and local governments. I don’t recall the ones critical offering to help their state in time of real need. It is ok though that is why were created.

Hell yeh man. Great work

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Enlighten me as to how many chapters/members you have and what it is you do. And what state are you referring to.


“Merchant Marines”?

Did you mean Merchant Mariners?


I’m so confused by this post.


I see a GoFundMe page in the near future.

Speak for yourself! As one of my instructors used to say about the maritime industry… “No money, no honey.”


No rice, no work.

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Are we missing some context here? Was this split off a different thread, I’m befuddled.


Clearly. I have no clue what OP is trying to say either.

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Looks like a copy and pasted excerpt from a larger newsletter or something. Solid posting for a first timer. :roll_eyes:

Merchant marines - Semper fidelis et aqua - ooha!

Can I rent these ‘Merchant Marines’ to invade my neighbor’s garden and kill the pests ?

this is just another STOOPID foreign BOOB along the lines of this ridiculous CRETIN here


somebody call an exterminator to have this place fumigated…


Maybe not a foreigner…

Just how exactly do I determine if I’m in the top 10% of Captains? I mean there are 10 captains in my fleet so I guess I have that going for me…

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To quote a captain I sailed with in the GOM “I may not be the best Captain, but I’m the best you’re gonna find.” Thought our office guys eyes were going to roll so hard that they were going to look like a slot machine at that one. :joy::joy:


By your coffee mug of course. Do you have one of these?



even if not a ferriner, the author is still a BIG BOOB and writes like an EFFING IDIOT!

damned how I miss the old timey daze here when the Caps Lock button was my best friend.

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