Marti Heath, District Commander for the Merchant Marines, offers services to FL Gov?

AH HA! I have finally figured out who these people really are…they’re really International Rescue lead by ex Astronaut Jeff Tracy. I bet every member of this group has the same last name even!


obviously this smoke screen was to maintain that impenetrable veil of secrecy that IR operates behind. it is a pity that their services weren’t called to assist in the DWH blowout as their own Thunderbird 4 could easily have dove with down to the BOP and closed it faster that one could say “Lady Penelope”!


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Man you come in on Christmas day and wonder who the hell resurrected a 9 year old thread. Instead I got this wonderful gift of extra salty comments! It’s like being here a few years ago!

yeah…hasn’t this place gone into the dirty diaper hamper? I think it really jumped the shark when I was banned for those six months and had my balls cut off when I was being held in stir.

That does seem to fit the time frame but you were a bit on the overly curmudgeonly side. You have to give the new kids a chance to learn without being in total fear.

I just love that image…some little Jimmy with his new turd mate’s license absolutely trembling and turning into a slippery puddle when I step onto the bridge.

anyway, maybe they should not live in total fear but they should perform in total silence

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Hurray hurray for the MMCA. That rhymes! It is a club of 45.000 yachties with their own magazine The Ensign. Large scale hobbyists, nothing wrong with that…


Rear Commander, United States Power Squadrons

What I donot understand is their somewhat childish hang for uniforms and pompous imitation military titles with which they seem to try to underline and mark their, non existent, importance. Boy Scouts for grown ups. But forgive me, count out the Dutch, we are not very fond of uniforms probably for historic reasons. A military occupation of five years has left its mark on the Dutch soul.

When on furlough I sometimes used to pick up my brother, who was at that time a conscripted soldier, at the training center. Almost all soldiers changed their military uniforms for their civvies in the bushes across the road! Nowadays soldiers are forbidden by government order to wear their uniforms in public as a number of them were knifed by our new fellow citizens originating from the Middle East. Too easy targets. The times they are a changin’…

so wait…the Government…forbids their own soldiers from wearing the uniform…due to foreigners who the Government made citizens stabbing said soldiers?

Say that out loud a few times and let that sink in…


While not prohibited in theUS, it’s rare for a military member commuting to work in a populated area to wear their uniform, for the same reason. Where I work, it’s extremely rare to see anyone arrive at work in uniform.

Has the smell of bs. Things like this are almost always based on the perception of a threat rather than an actual threat.

To evaluate this we need some numbers, i’d withhold judgement till I saw some. There are people in government and politics that benefit from a fearful public.

Also, in general people are very bad at judging risk levels.

The same reason? Due to violence against military members in uniform? What area is this?

When I was in, people avoided wearing the uniform when we didn’t have to just because we hated our command and damned sure didn’t want to promote it in any way.

Or maybe just a link to the law or “government order” that prohibits this…@dutchie, can you provide a link?

UPDATE: Maybe this is no longer disallowed:

But still…the point is that it is absolutely ridiculous that it got so bad that this policy had to be put in place to begin with…will other countries learn?

Nowadays soldiers are forbidden by government order to wear their uniforms in public as a number of them were knifed by our new fellow citizens originating from the Middle East.

This is the number I’d like to see, the number of soldiers knifed in public while in uniform.

And the number of the general public stabbed of course, need the ratio.

There was a time when we didn’t need to wear a uniform to be identified as military personnel our haircuts did it for us.

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“Yes, the same reason. It’s in one of the courses all military and civilians take every 2 or 3 years. Along with varying your commute times and taking different routes.”

Wow…I could see this type of training being necessary for those stationed in Bahrain or Djibouti or Kabul but for the average base in the US? Recruiting station on the South Side of Chicago maybe?

I’m not doubting the training is given, it’s just it seems a little over the top for your average base.

Well considering that murders by knifings in the UK is higher than those fearful days when Brits were sort allowed to possess firearms and the stabbings, if you dig deep enough in the House of Commons report generically attributes it to non-native or first generation Brits, we can connect the dots. Population replacement at its finest!

On the contrary, the EC governments are cramming muslim migrants with no commonality of culture or civilization rather immigrants wanted to destroy the west down the throats of their people, not giving a rats ass for the long term consequences and the population extermination and genocide of their own ethnicities, culture, economic system and way of life. Like throwing your grandchildren into the freeway to be run over.

Your post sounds like something that would be read back in the 1920’s when the US became more xenophobic. A different group was targeted back then, i.e., Eastern Europeans.

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As a professor explained on the news awhile ago, when the number of foreign born (people that haven’t assimilated) reaches about 15% there has historically been a backlash against immigration and a clamp down. We are at that point again. History is merely repeating itself.

On the plus side, I can get some dynamite falafel and shawarma on just about any street corner in Europe. And isn’t that really what everyone wants?!?


NY city is 37% foreign born.

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That’s a big number, but historically most immigrants arrive and settle in big cities, at least initially. New York has always had specific ethnic neighborhoods where new immigrants could settle and fit right in with their familiar food, culture, and language. Other major cities too.

I had an AB who was a Green Card Spanish immigrant living in San Francisco. He was a smart and capable mariner with a Spanish CoC as OICNW. But after three years of living in Hispanic neighborhood in SF he spoke only a few words of English with terrible pronunciation.