Kulluk Salvage Operation

The direction and amount of force on the Kulluk is a sum of the various vectors forces acting on it. Putting a 20,000 hp vector out to sea will at least help it from moving further up the beach. It might even start working off as the swells act on it. Better to have her working off then working on till more bollard pull arrives.

As far as pulling off vs pumping fuel first. Pumping off has risks as well. I don’t how much swell is in there but it could be risky running hoses across.


Most rigs aren’t designed to pump fuel back to a boat, makes the job more difficult and more susceptible to spill. They have significantly more weight elsewhere that could be offloaded much safer than fuel.

Here’s the tides:

It’s 0830 local so next big high tide is Monday morning.

Date Day Time Pred High/Low
2013/01/06 Sun 01:20 AM 2.38 L
[B]2013/01/06 Sun 07:51 AM 8.45 H[/B]
2013/01/06 Sun 03:03 PM 1.45 L
2013/01/06 Sun 08:59 PM 5.39 H
2013/01/07 Mon 02:28 AM 2.84 L
[B]2013/01/07 Mon 08:55 AM 8.86 H[/B]
2013/01/07 Mon 04:18 PM 0.6 L
2013/01/07 Mon 10:30 PM 5.7 H

The pony power is all there standing by maybe they will give it a go on the am tide if the wx holds.

Anyone know today’s status?

I would guess as KC posted the tide heights that they are hearing up to pull on her at high tide. AIS has all the players in position to do so.

[QUOTE=rshrew;93522]I would guess as KC posted the tide heights that they are hearing up to pull on her at high tide. AIS has all the players in position to do so.[/QUOTE]

this is the 24hour forecast synopsis so they won’t have too long to mess around

Tonight’s high tide or bust!

That weather map is for 1200 UTC, about 11 hours from now. AIS is only showing Easterly 15 kts in near KULLUK and AIVIQ, and about 25 to 30 kts a few miles off. Its now about 4 hours until high tide.

OCEAN WAVE and LAUREN FOSS certainly made good time getting there.

NANANIQ is checking out Three Saints Bay. ARCTIC RESPONDER and NANIQ are in Rolling Bay (wonder how it got that name).

ALERT is looking anxious to join AIVIQ.

Let’s all wish them success.

Zone Forecast: Shuyak Island To Sitkinak (PKZ132)

400 PM AKST SUN JAN 6 2013

Tonight: S wind 45 kt except S 35 kt N of dangerous cape. Seas 28 ft except 22 ft N of dangerous cape. Rain and snow showers.

Mon: SW wind 40 kt becoming W 30 kt in the afternoon. Seas 21 ft. Rain and snow.

Mon Night: W wind 30 kt becoming NW 40 kt after midnight. Seas 14 ft.

Tue: NW wind 40 kt except 20 kt near dangerous cape. Seas 14 ft.

Tue Night: W wind 30 kt. Seas 10 ft.

Wed Through Fri: S wind 30 kt. Seas 12 ft.

Unified Command confirmed at 4 p.m. AK on Jan. 6 that salvage team successfully attached main towline to #Kulluk.

Found on Twitter here


That was about an hour ago.

Checking the AIS both the Alert and Aiviq are running E at about 1 kt.

KULLUK grounded about 15 miles south of Dangerous Cape. The AIS is now showing SE 15 at KULLUK, but South 45 about 75 miles offshore. Southerly winds may produce a bit higher tide than would otherwise be the case. A big sea running should help lift KULLUK.

Sure hope they pull it off tonight.

ANCHORAGE, AK – Salvage teams successfully attached the main tow line to the Kulluk drilling unit today at 4 p.m. Alaska Time and Unified Command confirmed all elements are in place for towing operations to proceed.

Tension will be maintained on the line overnight, with recovery expected to begin January 7. However, the Salvage Master has the discretion to initiate the tow earlier should favorable conditions occur throughout the night.

The proposed plan is that the Kulluk will be moved from its current grounded position in Ocean Bay to Kiliuda Bay, about 30 miles north.

The tow will include several vessels, including the Aiviq, an anchor-handling vessel with ship towing capabilities. A Coast Guard marine inspector is aboard the Aiviq. The Salvage Master is aboard the Kulluk and will remain during transit to Kiliuda Bay. The tug Alert will also be connected to the Kulluk and assist in the tow. A 10-member salvage crew and one Shell representative are on board the Kulluk and will remain on the drilling unit throughout the tow.

Three Seattle-based ocean-going tugs, all with towing capabilities, will support the transit – Ocean Wave, Corbin Foss, and Lauren Foss.

The Coast Guard Cutter Alex Haley will escort the tow to Kiliuda Bay. A 500-yard radius safety zone around the Kulluk will follow the tow and remain in place once it is anchored in Kiliuda Bay.

As part of the recovery operations, onshore, nearshore and offshore oil spill assets, including response vessels, will be on-scene in Ocean Bay and during transit.

Looks like its off the beach. Per twitter too.

Wonder how much water she’s making…

WOW! That was easy! but why that big course change towards the southeast? Weather looks pretty benign at the moment.

OK, so now on to getting the rig to safe anchorage and the inspection.

Tugs to the rescue! Good luck brothers and get that rig somewhere safe!

I just checked marine traffic. The Aiviq is doing 4.4kts as are most of the other tugs. I didnt realize the Ocean Wave was the new Crowley boat. I thought that it was going to be a GOM boat. Im also surprised the Ocean Wave isnt doing the towing. I guess the Aiviq has more power.

WOW that is amazing. it wasn’t even a big tide (3.5 feet lower than the next high tide coming later this morning). The low is centered right over Kodiak and tracking toward Cook Inlet. It must have really pushed a storm surge onto the shore around KULLUK. There is only 10 knots of wind where they are now, but over 40 knots further offshore.

It looks like its just AIVIQ towing KULLUK at 4 knots to the east. They are about 10 miles SE of Sitkalidak. Maybe they’ve had a change of plans and are towing KULLUK toward Kodiak City, Marmot Bay, or even Seward.

looks like they’re turning to the east again, change to plans to go to Kodiak instead? Makes sense if the rig is not flooding…maybe that heavy hull and the fairly easy weather for the past week might have cut Shell a big break and that she is fully intact?

Shannyn Moore ‏@shannynmoore

Hearing the #Kulluk is off the beach. High tide with a 10 foot swell seemed to have helped. #Alaska #Shell

Kulluk Tow Response ‏@KullukResponse

At approximately 10:10 p.m., the #Kulluk drilling vessel was refloated from its Sitkalidak Island position. http://bit.ly/Uv4REh