How do you live as a seagoing mate/captain/engineer etc.?

[QUOTE=ryanwood86;68828]I’ve heard horror stories as well. I wouldn’t let my g/f handle my affairs if we had just started dating, but since we’ve been together 3 years and she lives with me now, if I can’t trust her now then when will I be able to trust her?[/QUOTE]

When she’s your wife, and perhaps not even then.

I never tried this, but allegedly it is cheaper to rent a car and do a vacation rental during your off time than owning or renting either one year round. Especially if you pull any straight time. Then your only expense is storage if you happen to have any belongings not in your suitcase.

Thats what I used to do years ago before I was married. Vacay rental or a hotel somewhere for a couple weeks on my days off. After all, it makes no sense for all the costs incurred, if your not even there to enjoy it most of the time!

Sorry to hear that’s your feelings…

[QUOTE=ryanwood86;68927]Women in Fourchon may do the same… Though they may not be on the same lines as listed above haha[/QUOTE]

May not be on the same lines???

How about may not be from the same planet, lol. Most Latin women have teeth.

Hahaha well I won’t tryin to get that deep, but yes

When I sailed, there was no internet, so I managed a couple of ways. First off, I didn’t have many bills. I had a car (kind of a beater, but it ran) that was paid for, lived in an apartment. My bills were monthly. For awhile, I paid while I was home and sent the rest in when at sea, from US ports. Every once and awhile a payment would be late, but not very often. Eventually, I had a friend, female, who wasn’t my girlfriend pay my bills. I set up a separate joint account and kept it with enough bucks to pay my bills. It probably wouldn’t have worked if we were more than friends; but I never had a problem. When I moved from that town to south Florida, I went back to just paying my bills either at home, or while at sea, from US ports. Eventually, I got married and passed all the duties off to her. Even when I came ashore, I saw no reason to take the payment duties back from her. She did a pretty good job (other than running up the credit cards) up until we got divorced, and then I had to figure it out all over again.

Life at sea is much different now as you can see from other threads (I hesitate from saying “better” since I kind of liked the isolation), with communication fairly easy. No marine operator calls (although those were fun to monitor), no telexes, etc. I often thought about living in DR or some other places, but never did. I did run across one of my college classmates that was sailing 2nd on a Lykes Brother ship back in the early 90s who was living in Thailand. He may have screwed the pooch, though. He had a steady girlfriend (wive?) and they owned a ranch.

It is a different lifestyle and not many can make it work. I enjoyed it, but came ashore for other reasons. It helps now when I have to take off for an assignment, sometimes at the last minute, and be away for either a few days, or a couple of weeks.

[QUOTE=ryanwood86;68927]Women in Fourchon may do the same… Though they may not be on the same lines as listed above haha[/QUOTE]

There are women in Fourchon? Oh, wait. THAT is what those are. . . . . .

Yea the white boots kinds of throw you off, lol.

[QUOTE=ryanwood86;68933]Sorry to hear that’s your feelings…[/QUOTE]

I trust my wife, but I personally know several mariners that went home to find empty houses and cleaned out bank accounts, and many others who have been screwed over in one way or another. You have to watch your 6 in this industry instead of simply hoping for the best.

I remember an old salty bosun tell me to always let the wife know when you are coming home. Never surprise her as you may get a surprise yourself with someone running out the back door…lol

I seem to recall hearing an old story about a woman who was married to two different mariners who sailed on the same ship and worked opposite each other. Things worked out fine until one of them moved over to a different ship, with a different schedule. . . A sea story to be sure, but one has to wonder. I do believe that it ened with an empty house and a missing wife.

I’m single (staying that way for while) my storage is my dads shop. Have a joint account with my mom who pays bills or what not. Also use there address for everything. I don’t own a house or anything when I get off I usually stay at friends or what not travel little live frugal. I have been able to stock up alot of cash that way. Going to buy house or build with the cash. Seems to work for me don’t need all the toys yet.

Most of my current costs get billed to a credit card that automatically gets paid each month from a checking account. It’s like autopilot.

Good for you, not partying it all away. I have heard stories of people parents ripping them off though. I’m glad yours aren’t like that but everyone should be careful.

Ya me too. There trustworthy and are pretty responsible about it. I always when I get a
Chance go thru the statements make sure everything adds up. The only down side is I get the occasional “what in the hell you spent x amount at a bar!” pretty funny. There both retired I bet it’s big highlight going thru my statement checking for fraud.

Well, no one has mentioned Jody. Jody is the guy who is drinking your beer, spending lazy afternoons on your couch in front of your huge new flat screen and who doesn’t even have the courtesy to even cut the damm grass while you’re gone!
Jody, a close cousin of Murphy. Guaranteed to make greenhorn deckhands in toss n turn in agony as they worry about the faithfulness of that fresh lass who waved goodbye to them from the pier. Oh my!
Jody, the cruel joke of worry and doubt, perpetrated on the new guys by the cranky old guys.
By the way, Jody would appreciate it if you bought the more expensive beer before leaving next time.

[QUOTE=brjones;68963]I remember an old salty bosun tell me to always let the wife know when you are coming home. Never surprise her as you may get a surprise yourself with someone running out the back door…lol[/QUOTE]

Yeah… the inevitable quandry of finding her like you left her and all that entails… I see it’s too late to avoid the subject of Jody anyhow, but maybe it would have been better to leave such matters unsaid until the youth had an opportunity to give it a go. Besides, I wouldn’t want to steal the thunder or the enjoyment of those poised to provide a thorough mariner’s initiation into the complexities of married life when working upon the high seas.

From my experience, Jody prefers the comfort of the women tied to men in the oil patch. . . .I didn’t hear about him much while I was going to sea. Then again, I wasn’t married for most of my time at sea, either. Didn’t want to be nor felt the need. Lord knows why I finally did. Not that it lasted.

also known as Sancho.