Explosion Port of Beirut

Agree, but is there anything left to own??

The explosion was so strong it seems to have caused a small tanker called the Amadeo II to have been propelled from the water onto the quayside, hopefully there wasn’t anyone on the boat when it happened.

Initially I thought maybe it was on the quay intentionally for some kind of dry docking before it was severely damaged, lifted out with cranes, but if you see the before and after image where it has landed was a warehouse before, I think it was berthed right next to where the big crater is and forced out the water by the explosion.


The ship docked in Ukraine, which was previously named Seabreeze before a Florida company registered as Pilin Fleet Management LLC purchased it in 2018, and renamed it Trump D ,


You would think that the Trump D was the most trump themed vessel on the water, but sadly you would be wrong…


Is it sailing away from military service & any responsibility???

Not only me who are asking questions about the ownership of the Ammonia Nitrate that was stored in a warehouse in Beirut Port for 6 years:

It doesn’t answer the question of who, if any, paid the storage fee??

The news I read was the gov confiscated it from a vessel and stored it in the warehouse several years ago.
Vessel owner abandoned the vessel.
Everyone pointed out that was a risk but they could never decide what to do with it, I guess that problem is now solved.
There are some shipping post with the data from loading to arriving in country

Yes all that is detailed in the article I linked to. (If you read it)
The question of ownership at time of explosion is not answered though.

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if you confiscate cargo most gov will sell it hence proving the title changes to the gov

Yes that is one of the questions asked in the article. Lots of claim for damages is expected, but nobody admit ownership of the cargo.
Who actually confiscated it, or ordered it discharged and stored? Are they automatically then the Owners and, if so, do they have have any economical responsibility for damages caused?

PS> Moral responsibility does not necessarily equate economical responsibility.

yes lots of good questions but its after a long period?
I never worked in freight but I will ask a buddy from one of the major lines.

Oh dear Jaysus Mary and Joseph…

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Where is the fire?

That would be his personal ride, right?

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That sounds like the most probable cause.

Have they finally determined who owned and chartered the ship Rhosus that brought the cargo of Ammonium Nitrate to Beirut in 2012?:

And does it really matter, since the cargo was confiscated by (??) and stored at the port for 8 years before exploding?
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did they ever find the owner of the Prestige?
Thats whats shipping it all about no tax and no liability

Just found out that the ship that was sunk is an old company ship.
Same name as the one that I am on at the moment!

The Cypriot shipping tycoon that is said to be the owner and operator of the Rhosus is fighting to clear his name:

He may have run a less than safe and well managed ship 8 years ago, but that was hardly a cause of the explosion in 2020.

Badly stored and guarded cargo that had been confiscated from his ship cannot be blamed on him. (At least not legally)