Drug Test Changes Coming?

I don’t see how getting high on your vacation leads to impairment during employment? Yet, drinking yourself to death is seamingly okay and celebrated?

I dont think anyone on here wants impaired workers aboard a vessel, but the current laws exempt swaths of workers from random chemical testing.

Why should the messman be held to the highest standard, but then industrial persons are exempt? The dude who washes pots/pans has to have perfectly clean piss, but a dude operating heavy machinery doesn’t?


The final rule was published today in the federal register regarding saliva testing as the second option for DOT drug testing. This will be up to the employer to determine which type of test they will require. Obviously saliva testing is less intrusive and doesn’t require a tester of the same sex for observed collections.
This has been in the works for some number of years as the non DOT employer world has been doing it for a decade. Even though the final rules have been published, it could be years before we see it in the work place. Two independent laboratories will need to be certified. Once the two labs are certified, they will have to specify specific test equipment (sample devices) that they will use, then train collectors to use them, and then have them distributed to the public.
There was a webinar with an ODAPC spokesperson yesterday. No mention of hair testing.


Oh boy, I had to be trained and retrained as a certified piss collector. Now I’ll have to be trained as a spit collector. Oh what fun!

Just as I was planning to make fortune in my retirement selling Whizzinators, new technology is going to make piss testing obsolete.The good new is that I’ll be at least 90 by the time our inept and inefficient government implements spit testing.


Yes, you are correct. Training for a collector will be pretty much the same as for a piss collector. Shouldn’t take more than a couple hours. Typically, Quest or Labcor online class, (30 minutes or so) and then mock collections with someone trained to do them.

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Wait till they test the politicians going to work.
Famous stunt done in italy by a TV show, they setup a stand out side parliament in Rome and conned the politicians to write something then lick an envelope to seal it.
They went off and tested all the saliva, about 90% had drugs in it and as you might know most politicians in Italy are 90 not out.

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If there is going to be drug testing, it should include everyone with a driver’s license. It should be a serious effort to include most of the population.

Better to admit that the War on Drugs has been lost, and eliminate drug testing. This country was better for the 200 years before drug testing. Stop wasting money. Decriminalize possession. Stop making drugs super profitable for criminals and narco-terrorists. Let the chips fall where they may.


Well then, congratulations to Drugs, for winning the war on drugs.


High five!




Who knew inanimate objects can win wars?

Two words: Willie. Nelson.


They are drug testing you when the cops stop you in car these days in OZ.
The have a tongue depressor type thing you lick.

Learned it’s kind of standard practice to start cracking beers at 2pm on the dot in most yachting programs. I don’t drink but by 5/6 Tito’s is out. Never been on a sport fish where I wasn’t woken up at 4/5 am to violent puking sounds from the head. Never got why some one could pound a case of beer and half a quart of vodka day before a run but not have an edible 3.5 weeks before. Idk

Then they wouldn’t make money and suppress the masses!