Covid-19 Testing

The extent to which the test is uncomfortable has a lot to do with the motivation of the test giver.

It also has a lot to do with how much discomfort the test subject can tolerate. I didn’t think it was a big deal, but someone else might beg to differ so as I like to say, “your mileage may vary”

RE: Testing in general.

I’ve been reading various commentators say, “Testing is no good, because you can catch the virus right after the test.”

To me, that’s like saying, “Trying to keep mud off your shoes is impossible, because you’ll just step in mud again.”

Well, no. If I want to keep my shoes clean I’ll just avoid stepping in mud. In terms of the virus, generally staying at home and wearing a mask in public is avoiding mud.

Someone might counter, “It’s impossible for a blind man to keep mud off his shoes.” Well, no. True, the more the blind man walks the greater his chance of getting mud on his shoes, but blind doesn’t mean stupid. If the blind man keeps to those sidewalks he knows are generally mud-free he’s not likely to get muddy shoes. And if he stays mostly at home, the chance of getting muddy shoes drops even further.

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It baffles me how someone can use a smartphone or drive over a highway bridge yet think that expertise is over-rated and that they can be their own epidemiologist.

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I would still want to know if I have the shit or not to protect my family and friends.

What if they’re a ‘data analyst’?

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As long as they tell me if I got the shit or not, don’t care about the “Data”.

I would like an antibody test.

I’ve had both. I took the antibody because I was in NYC mid Feb and had COVID like symptoms for a week and wanted to know.
It came back negative.
Then I had the COVID nasal cavity swab And the overzealous nurse decided I needed both sides swabbed. It was uncomfortable but certainly not unbearable.