Cooking at Sea galley tips


The same with pork chops. Letting them rest almost as long as you fried them gives you pork chops that aren’t dried out.


We have several cooks who have that particular talent


I’m known for liking my Prime Rib Very Rare!

So, back in the earlies 80’s I was working a Tug that still had a Diesel Fired Galley Stove. Those 2 Oil Stoves could cook is you knew how to adjust them. I watched a cook, cook a full size Rib in Prime Rib that was frozen in 30-45 minutes. He had the stove top Cherry Red and I have no idea how hot the box was but man that was the best piece of Prime Rib that I ever had!


A very important tip for new galley hands- Keep fresh coffee on all the time. Most cooks make a morning pot, but I have noticed over the years when a cook gets busy before a meal they tend to forget. Having fresh coffee for the watch change is so important!



Since I read an article on the internet about cooking frozen steaks I always have used this method and with superior results. If I buy a fresh steak I freeze it first before cooking it the next day. This works especially well with thick steaks, at least an inch.


I prefer this method and man does it make some out of this world steaks at home. I’d also love to throw a temperature controller on a mini fridge and try dry aging steaks, but that’s a litttttlle bit excessive. Or is it?


The more I read and listen, the more I hear chefs like Thomas Keller and Gordon Ramsay saying, “Room temperature!”


It is not easy to remove salt from a dish, but there are ways to minimize the effects of over salting food. One way is with potatoes.Peel and quarter the potatoes and drop in the simmering pot. Leave them about 15 minutes. Remove. They won’t get rid of all the salt, but it will help some.


You can cook potatoes in seawater; they will not become over salted.
You can cook pasta in seawater and… throw them away, uneatable salty!

Hence, pasta should remove more salt and, unfortunately, more taste from the sauce too.


Yes potatoes will only absorb so much salt but they will absorb some. Thanks for the feedback!



I expect the potatoes vs pasta thing is a matter of surface area vs volume.


Maybe. Potatoes will fall apart eventually also. But it’s a good thing to know if your minestrone soup needs more salt this might be why.


Thanks for the link!


Removing salt from the sauce, in a reasonable time span, returns just to diluting the sauce.
Pasta is dry and will remove more salty water than the ‘wet’ potato.

You can remove half of the sauce, refill with water and try to adjust the taste with spices.
Far from perfect; but better than an over salted sauce…


Dialysis tubing made of cellophane would be suitable for either a batch (food in wide tube) or continuous-flow (water in thin tube) process. In the long-ago I ran a two-channel Technicon AutoAnalyzer to do laboratory tests on blood serum, and the first step of the process was a dialysis stage using a couple of plastic plates with narrow engraved channels facing each other, clamped hard together on a cellophane membrane. This was necessary to remove proteins from the tested stream.


My latest video is up; This one was by request. A cook friend asked me to one about paper baking cups for cupcakes. From now on I’ll be releasing videos once a week (Mondays) for anyone interested. Thanks. Here’s the link to my channel- Next Monday I’ll try to make pizza after an 8 year hiatus.


My friend in the produce industry taught me to always remove each banana off the hand and separate them from each other and away from other fruits to slow down ripening of either.
I do this on our sailboat. It looks a bit like we get into banana throwing fight’s onboard!


Tip for today-
Grating mozzarella, fontina, Havarti, and other semi-soft cheeses can be messy. Slightly freezing the cheese until it’s firm will make the cheese easier to grate (Freeze about 30 minutes). Works pretty well when you need to grate butter also.


Tuesday’s tip- How many cooks have we seen making lazy meals when they have plenty of time? Grilled cheese can easily be grilled ham and cheese. Switch the ham for turkey. Change the cheese to Swiss and add some tomato slices and some leftover bacon. Now you have a grilled turkey, Swiss, bacon, and tomato. Instead of white bread use sourdough. All you had to do was slice up a tomato and cook some extra bacon at breakfast. It only takes a little effort to improve a meal.