Announcing gTrax - AIS Vessel Tracking For The iPhone


Regardless of what you all think about the usefulness of this app for professionals, I hope every weekend warrior with a boat and an iPhone in Puget Sound downloads this thing and learns how to use it. Maybe gTrax should come with a free copy of the COLREGS app for every person who downloads it! (

Here is my review of gTrax…where is my T-shirt and coffee card?

"A quality app at a Reasonable Price"
Those of us who follow gCaptain have been waiting for this app for a long time, and I have to say that it was worth the wait. This app is easy to use, even for persons not familiar with the AIS system. If you have a view of the harbor from your home (lucky you), this app will tell you the name and nationality of that ship at the dock. Or maybe you walk the dog along the waterfront and you were wondering where that ship at anchor is from? If you ride the ferry or sail on a cruise ship, this app will tell you were your ship is, real time. Professional mariners will appreciate the functionality. If you work on boats, your friends and family can now see where your vessel is from the iPhone. Pleasure boaters might finally realize that ship in the traffic lanes is making 25 kts and headed right towards them!




[quote=john;23399]I have yet to sail on a ship that had an ECDIS… But that will soon change (thank god) when my new ship leaves Korea in March.

Global coverage will be slowly pushed out starting in the coming months. Any ports high on your wish list?[/quote]

At the moment Southern North Sea is high on my list as that’s my (& my friends) present hunting ground but as I am looking into changing jobs (not sure yet) it might change to somewhere in Asia.

Basically the whole world then :smiley:



AIS- Best tool we ever gave pirates!! They know where we are, where were headed, when we will be there…20th century before AIS pirate attacks-few, after AIS whoohoo PIRATE city. GO FIGURE??



[QUOTE=pwrmariner;23700]AIS- Best tool we ever gave pirates!! They know where we are, where were headed, when we will be there…20th century before AIS pirate attacks-few, after AIS whoohoo PIRATE city. GO FIGURE??[/QUOTE]

My assumption is that vessels transiting the pirates playground will have their AIS units turned off. It is allowable under the law if the master chosses to do so.



is available in the ipod touch??



Robert and Doug, I was referring to 47 CFR 80.275, 47 CFR 80.1101 ©12 and the NVIC 8-01 as amended by Change 01.

Both Class A and Class B AIS devices must be certified by both the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Coast Guard before being marketed or sold in the U.S. FCC rules require that certification first be obtained from the Coast Guard. The FCC Laboratory will coordinate review of applications for certification of AIS equipment with the United States Coast Guard to ensure that the equipment meets all applicable international standards and requirements.

While I have worked as a pilot with a laptop (using the neat little pilot plug that is required for vessels over 1600t), it was equipment that met technical requirements for shipboard use by the US. Coast Guard (for the FCC), as spelled out in part in the CFR’s stated above and links below. Maybe gTrax can get approval, or maybe the software that it is working with is already approved. It would be worth checking into.

Any equipment that is placed in the wheelhouse, has to be Coast Guard approved. It may be a last resort to bring you own equipment with you. But regardless of how great it works, if it is not approved, it may cause problems in court. I don’t agree with it, necessarily, but it is one of the “legal” problems in our profession. Regulations, regulations, regulations…

[B]Coast Guard Certification Requirements [/B]

Certification requirements for Class A AIS are described in 47 CFR 80.275, 47 CFR 80.1101©12 and in the Coast Guard’s Navigational and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC) 8-01, as amended by Change 01, Approval of Navigation Equipment for Ships. NVIC 8-01 describes the certification process for AIS and other navigation equipment described under SOLAS V. Note that applications should be submitted to Commandant (CG–521), the new routing code replacing G-MSE and G-PSE.
Certification requirements for Class B AIS equipment are described in 47 CFR 80.231© as well as 47 CFR 1101©12.

I realize (NVIC’s are not the law), but cfr’s are.



Ok I get it now, I did not realize you were referring specifically to AIS equipment. Gotcha.



[QUOTE=Luck.Runs.Out;23804]is available in the ipod touch??[/QUOTE]

Yes. It works on both the iPhone AND iPod touch!



Yea, but only if your iTouch is on wifi…not so good entering port!




Not sure if you saw Feb/March edition of Marine Electronics & Communications…they had a piece on iPhone apps and gTrax gets a mention.



Excellent, thanks for the link!



Dear Administrator, I don’t know have you tried this gTrax or it is just a kind of advertisement but I did use it because my job requires it and I think it does not work proper and there are much better vessel tracking systems like the free web based VesselFinder (