A PSV Collision


Where I worked if it was too rough to use the samson lines to tie up then we used to sit on the sticks all day pumping cement, fuel and water. Using the lines the only limiting factor was the SWL of the bitts down aft. I found if you developed a good relationship with the crane drivers it helped. We had to tuck the stern in to about 3 metres from the middle leg of a semi-submersible to get the lines right and it took a lot of coordination between the crane driver and the two crew on deck to handle the Samson lines which were so heavy they had to be lowered over the bitts. DP is great but it is important to get the younger generation to learn to drive using the sticks and one thruster and to practice manoeuvring with just one engine and a thruster or two engines and no thruster.



I remember those days well get the boat sitting good and go down and cook some food for everybody ( the mate is on the wheel ) Those dam lines where heavy I was always lucky I had a chief that could toss the lines by himself.

It’s to bad with the climate in the industry today it’s near impossible to get any time live boating around any assets without an act of congress.

Crewboating bulk surely sucked thankfully most of the rigs I was on you where DDW so I was able to say NO without much resistance



WTF your’e making a bunch of assumptions some operators don’t require the shit you’re talking about.