Why can't we speculate about ship incidents?


Just a dumb question.
I will not have contributed to your report clicks. I don’t see any links to any reports. so how does one find reports via this site.


They publish editorial articles summarising the findings when the reports are available. That’s why he mentioned that most people don’t even read their to page summary, let alone hundreds of pages of actual report.



Actually just speculating, I haven’t spent enough time here to find reports and read them.

Although I just tried to use the link from the article about TRS forecast recommendations. I looked it up VIA NTSB site. Comment or not? I don’t know yet.


Whilst I enjoy the editorial content, and the user generated submissions… GCaptain is certainly not the first place I look to for the official investigation reports, particularly when the Australian ATSB and the UK MAIB, just for examples, will email reports to a mailing list as soon as they are published.

I think the fact the official reports may not be accessed through GCaptain may simply be because this is not your content, and many maritime professionals may have already read them! - I certainly hope so anyway, because if the time and money that goes into the investigations is not being used, we have a huge problem within the industry.


We never wrote shit out in longform in the USN!:joy: