Upgrade to deck license Chief Mate AGT


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Right makes sense. Do you still have to take the operational level classes in addition to the management level ones (for 3/2M)? Basic shiphandling would still be a pre-req for advanced, etc.

As of January 1, 2017, in order to get an STCW endorsement for Chief Mate or Master, you must have previously held an STCW certificate for OICNW (issued after 2/1/2002), or concurrently qualify for OICNW. So if you never held an STCW endorsement for OICNW, you would need the courses for both endorsements.
The Coast Guard is probably not going to take issue with the order courses were taken, although students with no prior shiphandling training and experience passing an advanced course might be flagged as something to look at the next time that schools gets audited.

Courses cannot be used to substitute for sea time for STCW endorsements, in STCW-speak that’s known as an “equivalency” and is generally not permitted. That generally means they can’t be used for the national endorsement (license) also. But there are some exceptions where an upgrade of a national endorsement doesn’t involve STCW (e.g. 3rd Mate to 2nd Mate, or Mate 500/1600 to 3rd Mate).


He was talking about the school’s prerequisites for the advanced ship handling course, wish has nothing to do with the NMC.


Wow. Don’t I feel like an idiot.