The Presidential Candidates and Their Views on the Jones Act


[QUOTE=Colston1285;183081]There’s still no way in hell I’m voting for that lying scumbag CUNT, period. :)[/QUOTE]
I second that emotion…


You are determined to prove that the preppers are not crazy?


I was of the impression that the Jones Act tanker market was immune from the world market problems, but that may not be the case, judging from this article in Splash 24/7 today:


I too am interested in whatever insight any of you Gentleman and Ladies can provide. Political beliefs aside I am employed by Carnival UK and find it appalling that the United States currently has only ONE registered cruise ship. I have my dream job on board Queen Mary 2 but someday want to hold elected office. To support the Merchant Marine, to have a voice. Best Regards.


Trump was accused of, and convicted for UNION BUSTING!