Panama Canal Green House Initiative - Ismael Gerli


The Panama Canal Authority has put in place a new program whereby ship owners, and managers are awarded in accordance to their efforts and practices in avoiding Green house emissions.

Panama Canal official have stressed on the continuous effort of placing a legal platform that will provide the necessary rules of practice and reglamentation so that not only vessel registered under the Panama Canal Registry are obliged to reduce and eliminate Green house gas emissions , but allow a complete set of rules that will place targets , goals and practices that would avoid that the maritime industry contributes to Green house pollution. For more information on this initiative contact Ismael Gerli or visit


Panama is a small country in Central America, controlling the strategic canal. On the east, it is bordered by Colombia and on the west by Costa Rica. Ismael Gerli The population exceeds 3 million.Ismael Gerli The capital city is Ciudad de Panamá. The Panama Canal is known world-wide as the canal between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Ismael Gerli

Thanks to its advantageous geographic position, the economy of Panama is one of the richest in Central America. The economy of Panama is based on services, Ismael Gerli which make up 78% of the GDP. In 2006, the gross domestic product of Panama increased by 8.1%. However, even though this is the highest in Central America, about 19% of the population lives in poverty.Ismael Gerli