Hello! Another Guy Looking for a job!


So if you’re a guy like the OP, why wouldn’t you go to the union hall looking for an assignment? I would do that here in the Bay Area (if I had my MMC set up already) but I already have a job, so in my case I signed up for MSC and plan to do it that way…if they don’t take me, then I don’t know if I’ll still pursue maritime jobs, because then I’ll have a $1200 class to take and don’t have the money right now. Seems like it would be cool to work at sea again though. :smile:


Because there are no jobs available at the union hall. Also, the union hall is only for deep sea mariners with unlimited licenses.


Depends on which union you’re talking about.


The new “OP” who revived this old thread posted that he holds: Master 200, Near Coastal, and Master of Towing (presumably also Near Coastal). He mentioned 16 years of tug and barge experience, including years of sailing in Brazil. Master of Towing, Near Coastal is a good license, and 16 years is a lot of tug and barge experience. There should be good job opportunities for such a mariner.

I would be very interested to hear exactly what union hall supposedly has open jobs on the board to offer to mariners with limited licenses and 16 years of experience.

Any suggestions?


tugsailor, well their web site implies that there are jobs:

Sailors Union of the Pacific

[quote=“Sailors Union of the Pacific”]"Top Quality Sailors Needed!

The Sailors’ Union of the Pacific is currently registering qualified mariners to crew a new fleet of ships in addition to current union contracted vessels. Registration will be conducted in accordance with the SHIPPING RULES of the SUP. To register, a mariner must apply IN PERSON at any SUP union hall."[/quote]

Eh…well I have a job right now, I work in a warehouse as a temp…it’s pretty solid though, I am a very employable person, the current client is talking about extending me and I’m sure the agency could find me another job when the contract ends…and I have IT skill but only one junior credential…but I’m interested in maritime work…I’m in the process of getting my paperwork in to MSC (since I was Navy submarines and I am someone who hated the Navy but loved going to sea)…just last week I did the physical exam at VA Medical. :grin:


I sailed SIU Inland. I’ve seen very few Inland jobs on the board. This takes in sea-going and harbor tugs, dredges and ATBs. Most positions are hired through the company and then you join the union. I’ve posted before, when the oilfield went to hell mid '80s, I walked into the SIU hall in Houston and walked out with a job paying much more than I was making in the oilfield. I retired 24 years later at 56 drawing 48% of my base pay.


The SUP is a union exclusively for unlicensed ratings on deep sea ships.


I’m glad to hear that SIU Inland worked out so well for you.

I was not aware that SIU dispatches tugboat jobs off the board out of the union hall. This is the first that I have ever heard of that.