Wellness at Sea


Back to the subject of access to internet for crew:


ITF is engaged in the wellness of seafarers around the globe:


Now that IMO has reaffirmed seafarer’s right to shore leave and protection against discrimination, will the US finally grant such rights in line with the rest of the world?:

I know Human rights only apply to Americans and since IMO doesn’t have nukes, how are they going to enforce their rules anyway??


Once again you start off the flop with an interesting addition to the conversation and then your turn card shows your true self as a natural troll. Next comes the river where you deny having any issues with Americans. (Texas hold’em analogies to highlight your typical posts as a bad hand of poker)

Get it through your thick skull. This is a forum of mariners. None of us have any issue with other mariners getting access to shore leave.


Oh sorry, I should have marked that last remark SARCASM!!!


SARCASM: noun. The use of irony to MOCK or convey CONTEMPT.

PS. It’s pretty clear to anyone who has read your posts in the past that you are not directing contempt at the IMO.


Well it was written after I read this news story:

So no the sarcastic remark was not aimed at IMO.


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